Lenovo P2 gets a MIUI 10 port that works pretty well

Xiaomi launched the MIUI 10 a few weeks ago and while the company’s Android flavor is expected to come to a good number of new and old devices, unexpected devices are already getting the MIUI 10 update ahead of the rightful devices.

We recently reported about MIUI 10 being ported to the Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus and barely a week later, we are here once again reporting about another Lenovo device that has found its way to MIUI 10 – the Lenovo P2.

This is thanks to an XDA Developers forum member y4977143, who successfully ported the MIUI 10 version 8.6.19 to the Lenovo P2, but the developer notes that this is a trial version. With the new update, Lenovo P2 users will be getting a good bunch of cool stuff like full-screen gestures, dynamic wake-up ringtone that changes style based on the weather outside or time of the day, and several AI-related features, although these might mostly favor Chinese users.

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Of course, being an unofficial version that is also being trialed, you’d expect to have a bunch of buggy apps, but it seems the MIUI 10 port works pretty fine on the Lenovo P2. Whether it’s RIL, wireless connections, fingerprint scanner, camera, video playback, audio, GPRS or even fingerprint gestures, all is good. However, those who rely on NFC may have a hard time as the developer notes that it’s a known bug.

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At the moment, the MIUI 10 port on Lenovo P2 is limited to English and Chinese languages, but do note that you’ll still need to grab this GApps suite because this version doesn’t have these apps. If you want to join in the fun, head over to this XDA thread, where you can download the ROM file and install it on your device.

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