Xiaomi: MIUI 10 crashes Samsung Experience 9.0 in app load times

MIUI 10 vs Samsung Experience 9.0

Xiaomi recently launched the MIUI 10 and to show the world that it’s the best Android skin out there, the Chinese OEM compared the load times of apps on its newest skin versus Samsung Experience 9.0, which is the latest version from the Korean tech giant.

The result, as you’d expect from a company that deleted a Twitter poll that showed people prefer stock Android to its own MIUI skin, reveals that the new MIUI 10 is faster in opening apps compared to Samsung’s Experience 9.0.

Xiaomi says that it ensured certain conditions were met by both camps before commencing the test for consistency purposes:

  • All apps were downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • A system cleanup was done before commencing the test.
  • If an advertisement pops up, the test is restarted to ensure the boot test doesn’t include delays caused by the said ads.
  • If unable to ensure consistency during all tests, the original app will be replaced with another app.

According to Xiaomi, up to 30 apps were part of the test and from the results, the MIUI 10 totting Redmi Note 5 Pro was able to beat the Experience 9.0-based Galaxy J7 Duo in opening 23 apps faster compared to the 7 the latter managed ahead of its counterpart.

The tests were presumably run head-to-head but given the undisclosed hardware disparities between these two phones, it’s hard to tell how accurate these results are.


A lot has been said about stock Android versus skinned versions like Samsung Experience and MIUI that add numerous customizations and features that are often a hit and miss. But a good number will admit that the former is no longer the best version of Android out there, which is why even Google has moved towards adopting a custom launcher that has features and customizations exclusive to the Pixel phones.

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Unlike other launchers, however, the Pixel Launcher doesn’t usually overdo things. The likes of Xiaomi’s MIUI and Samsung’s Experience have been accused of adding unnecessary features and customizations that users would otherwise do without. However, the popularity of Samsung and Xiaomi means that it is they that are the most talked about than the Pixel Launcher – and hence the comparison between the latest MIUI 10 and Samsung Experience 9.0.

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