Leaked Android Q Beta 5 shows two major changes

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According to general consensus, the Beta 5 for Android Q was meant to release in the coming weeks. However, that didn’t happen but surprisingly, an unreleased Android Q has hit the virtual shelves and it does pack a couple of notable changes.

Now, without further ado, let’s take a brief look at the two big changes in Android Q Beta 5.

Back Sensitivity Setting

Google is pushing a full gestural navigation system in its upcoming mobile operating system. While it seems like a step in the right direction, many users have been left overwhelmed by Google’s decision. The American tech giant seems to have acknowledged the concerns and has added a ‘Back Sensitivity’ button to make the transition smoother. The setting — found under System navigation — reveals a slider, which has four increments, ranging from ‘Low’ to ‘High.’

On Tuesday, Android Developer relations member Chris Barnes offered brief info about Android Q’s navigation system on Twitter.

He wrote: “The drawer behavior is changing. Users will be able to open the drawer by peeking the drawer, and then swiping. Big benefit is that this works with existing apps with “old” DrawerLayout versions.”

NightSight Placement

Google Camera’s night mode — NightSight — takes night-time photography to a completely different level. Up until Android Q Beta 4, NightSight used to sit under the More tab, with Panorama taking a seat at the big boys’ table — the main UI. Android Q Beta 5 has paid homage to NightSight’s unmatched performance by making the feature even easier to access.

As of Beta 5, NightSight has been moved into the main camera UI, with the Panorama mode grudgingly taking its former place under the More menu.

Via: 9to5Google | XDA Developers

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