Lawnchair Launcher is now available on Play Store

If Android had a home screen baby, it would be called as Launcher, but since launcher is already a general term, the new open source launcher is known as Lawnchair Launcher. Get the pun? Lawnchair Launcher sounds like a tongue twister but what better name than a similar sounding name to Launcher.

The open source Launcher based on Launcher3 from AOSP brings the Google Now, Pixel Launcher and Android Oreo functions to non-Pixel and non-Oreo phones and wait for it…without any root.

Yes, you read that right. You don’t need to root your device or even install APK, as the Lawnchair Launcher is now officially available through the Google Play Store (download link below).

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Lawnchair Launcher includes a load of customization features such as Google Now integration, icon pack support, adaptive icons, custom icon shape and size and much more.

Lawnchair also supports Android Oreo shortcuts and notification dots. You also get Android Oreo style shortcut menu and widgets on the icons. If that doesn’t do it for you, it also includes OnePlus’s swipe-down feature for the notification shade.

Lawnchair Launcher is clearly one of the best launcher apps available on the Google Play Store. With a clean interface and smooth performance, Lawnchair Launcher will soon be among the top 5 launcher apps.

Download Lawnchair Launcher from Google Play Store