Latest Play Store update hits web as version 8.2.58 [APK]

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If you want to use Play Store app on its latest update, then you want Play Store APK 8.2.58, which is the latest version of the app that is now available for download.

The jump between the version numbers of the past few Play Store updates have been very small, the previous version being 8.2.56 and 8.2.55. Add to that even earlier version numbers (8.2.38, 8.2.37, 8.2.36 and 8.2.32) and you get the idea that Google is pushing out changes as rapidly to the Play Store as it can.

As is the case with these updates to Google Play Store app, there is no changelog available for your perusal, but let’s hope there are some noticeable changes in this one.

DOWNLOAD: Latest Play Store APK

You can give it a try yourself and dig into what’s new, and for that, download the Play Store APK from the link right above.

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