Latest Honor 8 update fixes Mistouch problem on the device

Huawei Honor 8 might have been succeeded two times already, but the device is still a darling for many out there. To keep it up to the best standards, Huawei is rolling out a new update to the device that, among others, fixes several display issues that have been reported in the recent past.

As per the changelog, the update that carries build version B528 adds a Mistouch prevention feature into the Settings menu, fixes several display settings, fixes the “no service” error that’s displayed in the status bar in certain cases, fixes the problem where banner messages wouldn’t appear in the status bar as well as the issue where certain browser apps appear blurry.


Being an OTA update, it will take some time before all Honor 8 users receive the download notification, so be patient if it hasn’t arrived already. Alternatively, you can also try doing a manual update via the Settings menu.

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