Is it Nexus Two or Samsung Continuum that Samsung Exec is Excited About?

Nexus Two Rumor Samsung Omar

Remember the guy who held the stage while presenting the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab Samsung devices to the world? Known as @SamsungOmar on Twitter, the guy has just hinted us about the upcoming Samsung phone self-termed as ‘an amazing new device’  that is launching soon while more details are expected to follow soon.

Well, we’ve come to know about rumors of Nexus Two — in the form of Nexus S by Samsung — and also that it’s coming soon. Now, we would wager this guy is indeed talking about the Nexus Two but it’s very much possible the guy is talking about Samsung Continuum — a 3.4 inch Super AMOLED display phone with ticker on the front — releasing soon with the Verizon.

Lets see, if you were the Samsung chief strategy officer and senior vice president of products and services, what device you would tweet with excitement – rumored nexus two or (just!) Samsung Continuum?

Via Android Central

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  1. how do you bypass the activation on the samsung continuum?

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