iOS 16: How to Enable Live Captions on iPhone

If you are hard of hearing or come across circumstances where you use your iPhone without sound, then you might appreciate the new “Live Captions (Beta)” feature that Apple would roll out with iOS 16.

The live captions feature uses on-device intelligence to auto-generate captions for speech (in audio or video) playing on the device or real-time conversation happening around you. The accuracy of the machine-generated caption is heavily reliant on the clarity of speech or audio, hence it is not recommended to give or take directions in dire or heavy risk situations using the feature.

But, it can come in handy, especially to engage in a FaceTime or RRT conversation or to enjoy a video playing on the device even without the sound.

How to enable Live Captions on iPhone

Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

Scroll down and tap on Accessibility.

Scroll down and under “HEARING”, tap Live Captions (Beta).

Toggle on Live Captions to enable the feature.

Done, you have successfully completed all the required steps to enable the live captions feature.

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How to enable Live Captions for Facetime

Apple offers a special option to enable live captions for FaceTime and RTT for users who are hard of hearing.

To enable live captions for FaceTime, open the Settings app on your iPhone, select Accessibility settings, tap Live Captions (Beta), and under, “IN-APP LIVE CAPTIONS”, turn on the toggle button against Live Captions in FaceTime.

That’s it! Next time you are in a FaceTime call with a friend or family, you can use the live captions feature to get live “subtitles” for what’s being said.

What happens when you enable Live Captions?

A floating widget appears on-screen as soon as the Live Captions is toggled on. You can move the widget anywhere on-screen and even pause live caption generation, or activate the microphone function to get live captions for catching a real-world conversation.

When you are not using it, you can even minimize it to a floating button that rests unsuspectingly on any nook you place it. Since it is in the beta phase, much is unknown about the efficiency and full functionality of the feature, but, when we tried it on a couple of random YouTube videos and to catch some real-world convos, the results weren’t too bad.

Hope you found the information you were looking for. Share your feedback or suggestions with us in the comments.


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