illo – Birth of the Cool Puzzle game is now on Kickstarter

What do you do if you have a really cool idea for a game, have all the development skills and expertise, but just lack the initial capital required push it to completion and release? Well, you register your project on Kickstarter, that’s what. Kickstarter is a online funding platform for creative projects that are  in need of funding just to come to life.

illo – Birth of the Cool, a physics based puzzler game for mobiles, is one such Kickstarter project which need $270,000 within 31 days to be able to launch the project. illo – Birth of the Cool is the brainchild of Raylight, and the game definitely does have a fresh and unique look and feel to it, especially the unconventional art style which is quite unusual for modern-day mobile games.

The basic objective of the game is to guide the central character illo through various obstacle filled levels, by tapping and using waypoints to guide the little fella around. Other than touch based interaction with the game, the developers are also experimenting with other interactive actions, for example blowing into the phone mic to create a gush of wind effect, which can  be used to cushion illo’s fall, in case he topples off a high block – now that’s something we haven’t seen before!

If the creative interactivity, a really unique title, and the intriguing artwork and gameplay has piqued your interest, and you’d really like this game to see the light of day, you can head over to Raylight’s official Kickstarter page and help them out with whatever you may want to contribute – even a couple of bucks can  go a long way. And in the meantime, check out the official teaser trailer featuring illo. I quite like the sound of the character- and hope he gets to visit the Play Store soon.

[youtube video_id=”WCY_J2gKgg0″ width=”620″ height=”400″ /]