Identify Songs with SoundHound Android App

Ever thought of finding a particular song that you just heard some time before and don’t know what its name was? Well, Sound Hound is the App you are looking for — it can listen and identify the song, whether it’s you making noise or even better a mp3 player itself.

Sound Hound is an easy-to-use music identifier app which allows you to identify the song by either recording a line of the song being played or by humming the song yourself. Within seconds, the app will search and identify it, and will get you link to buy/download it. Moreover, Sound Hound even gets you the synced lyrics of the song as it plays on.

There is also an option for searching by the artist or song name. And sharing a song on social networking sites (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc) is provided too, quite neatly. This App allows you to listen to the songs and also shows the history of the searches made so far.

It may happen that Sound hound is unable to identify a song for you, mostly where song’s ID hasn’t been made available by publisher, but that’s the rare case and if you’re looking for something that’s not ages old, you won’t be disappointed. Users have found this free, 4.5 Rated App very useful and accurate in identifying even at loud places like a bar or a lounge.

Lastly, Sound Hound works on Android 1.5 and above.

Download Soundhound Android App