ICS Leaked for Chinese Galaxy Note i9220, Not Meant for International Variant — N7000

Just when we thought the Ice Cream Sandwich firmware leaks have stopped, here we go again with a new leak, this time for the Samsung Galaxy Note!! But hold your breath, it’s not meant for the international version of the Note or model number GT-N7000, but for it’s cousin from the Oriental Mainland, the Chinese Galaxy Note, model number GT-I9220.

Samsung had announced officially that the Galaxy Note would be getting the official bump-up to Ice Cream Sandwich later this year. Considering there has not been a single ICS leak for the Note as yet, after several leaks came out for the Galaxy S2, one would have thought the international version of the Note would get it first  due to the sheer number of units sold across borders. But it turns out that this firmware leak is specific to the Chinese variant, and hence is risky to try out on the GT-N7000.

This is reportedly an early build, possibly an Alpha, so like the official leaks that had cropped up for the Galaxy S2, bugs are to be expected in this one too. if you own a Galaxy Note, would you try out leaked Ice Cream Sandwich firmware, if it trickles out in the near future, or would you rather wait for the official update from Samsung? Share your thoughts with us in comments below.