Huawei Watch is official, release date and pricing details available

There aren’t really lots of options to look forward to, at least yet, when buying an Android Wear watch, but come few months that’s gonna change, starting with none other than the Huawei Watch which could be everyone’s favorite if priced right. And right pricing mostly means budget level pricing, something what LG G Watch, the original one, is selling for right now, around $150. As thankfully, the rest of the package already sounds a winner, whether you talk about the design, or the hardware.

Speaking of the deign, which is most crucial aspect of the Android Wear gadget for us, Huawei has really got us tickling. First of all, it’s round, like all smartwatches should be, and with lesser bezel than usually found, the Huawei Watch is very pleasing and appealing. We’re really loving Huawei’s take on smartwatch and because HTC hasn’t been so keen on this area of technology, we really need someone to listen to our wishes as regards design, as both LG and Samsung are far from reliable when it comes to design. Yep, we know there’s an LG Watch Urbane, but still.

Let’s round up the Huawei Watch specs: You’re looking at the 1.4-inch circular display that tots a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels (286PPI) at the top of 316L corrosive-resistant body made of stainless steel, 512 MB RAM with 4GB of internal storage, 1.2GHz Snapdragon processor by Qualcomm, with distinctive features like 6-axis sensor, heart rate monitor and a barometer, that stands it out from the specs of 2014 watches.

Huawei Watch Release Date and Price

If you’re getting uneasy, chomping at the bit of buying it, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, as many as 20 countries will see the Huawei Watch release very soon, and even though mum is the word on pricing, we’re holding for a near budget level price, partially because Huawei would like to play it safe and practical, because it’s not Samsung or LG, or Motorola for that matter. And also because this is not the most incredible of an spec-sheet, thus the budget level pricing hopes of us.

Countries Huawei Watch will be available in include, United States, United Kingdom, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Japan, Norway, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates.

Pricing will be announced country specific, later on.

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