Huawei Mate 8 and P9 Nougat release set for December 7, while P9 Plus gets beta OTA on December 8

Recently, a leaked Huawei nougat release roadmap told us that the P9 series, Mate 8 and Nova series of smartphones will get the update in early 2017. However, today’s leak reveals that the Nougat update could be released for the Huawei P9 and Mate 8 in China pretty sooner than that.

We are providing the translated version of the text below in screenshots. While, you can see the original Chinese text above.


The Mate 8 could receive Android 7.0 OTA as software version B552, and it would be a stable release — the Mate 8 already has beta out in China.


The Huawei P9 will also get the Nougat update on December 7 and it’ll carry the software version B352. We’ve already received the Nougat rollout confirmation from Philippines, so it’s not exactly surprising to see Nougat drop in Chine tomorrow. Plus, P9’s beta Nougat firmware (B322) have been available for long now.


The P9 Plus will supposedly start receiving a first experience release of Android 7.0 on December 8. This sounds like a beta version of the software. We will have to wait to find out. The P9 Lite recently received a beta version of the Nougat update.

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  1., theres all listed, no leaks, nothing.

  2., theres all listed, no leaks, nothing.

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