We could soon see Huawei AI, maybe on P10!

Huawei P10 could feature company’s own Voice AI

Artificial intelligence and personalized voice-recognition capable assistants seem to be the rage among the smartphone makers in 2017. After reaching a hardware saturation point with the devices offering more or less of the same features, on a rectangle slab made of metal or glass, our favorite Android OEMs now seem to be focusing on creating their own voice assistants to further showcase their devices.

The latest tech manufacturer is none other than Huawei Technologies, the third largest smartphone maker in the world, as reported by Bloomberg.

Although much details are not present as of this moment, the step by Huawei seems massively influenced by Google’s decision to introduce Google assistant on its Pixel devices.

Even Samsung’s acquisition of Viv Labs last year and the constant rumors ensure that Samsung might be coming out with an Assistant of their own, codenamed “Bixby”. Even home assistants like Amazon’s Alexa seem to be gaining traction among the masses. It is also to be noted that although Apple’s Siri is a powerful alternative, but its lack of customization is a definite setback.

Although unconfirmed, the voice assistant by Huawei could be seen with the release of their next device, the Huawei 5C or Huawei P10.

Although it is a mere speculation at this point, the assistant will feature the much-anticipated learning algorithms for effective device memory managements and help the assistant to “learn” more about you. Whether the information will be sent to Huawei’s servers in unclear at the moment.

It says here that as many as hundreds of engineers are working on it, focusing on local needs — Chinese language and all — as Huawei looks up to Google and Amazon for rest of the world, which seems pretty fitting to us.

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