HTC One X+ will not release in Australia

If you’re located down under in Australia, and are eagerly waiting for the HTC One X+, we’ve got some not-so-good news for you. Even though the successor to the HTC One X had been announced globally a month ago, and then launched by various individual carriers  in different parts of the world, there was no word on an Australian launch. In fact some days ago, the HTC Australia webpage briefly showed the HTC One X+ before it was taken off shortly after.

It turns out that Rami Ibo, a user who couldn’t stand all the suspense decided to ask HTC themselves on their Facebook page, rather than depending on speculations. Have a look at HTC’s response to Rami below:

Now that’s straight from the horse’s mouth. Sorry folks, looks like the only way you can get the HTC One X+ now is through a retailer who imports unlocked devices which you can use SIM free. Looks like the carriers are not going to be of any help here. And if you are thinking of getting the Nexus 4 instead, the Australian scenario on that device doesn’t look too bright either.