HTC One M8 Prime Release Canceled Indefinitely, M8 Plus Coming Soon

The HTC One M8 has been in a cloud of rumors lately regarding the release of few other phones that will join the HTC M8 line-up. The rumor of a premium device with a QHD display was circulating among the android community for a while. Earlier renowned twitter handle Evleaks, released a 360 degree render of an alleged HTC phone which was dubbed HTC One M8 Prime featuring a QHD display and a Snapdragon 805 Processor. But now another leak from the same twitter handle confirms that development of Prime variant has been suspended indefinetely.

Just the other day we published news regarding another two variants of the M8 line-up which are reportedly in development and are dubbed HTC One M8 Plus and HTC One M8 Advance. The Plus variant is almost near to the specifications of the Prime variant which was leaked earlier with a few differences to bear. But we believe that the Prime variant is indeed an earlier prototype of the Plus variant or it could have been another variant and HTC might have dropped it for some reasons.

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Nevertheless, there are two variants already in the development and we can expect them in this or the next quarter. If the leak on the Plus variant is true, we can expect a device with the highest pixel density so far and could be a serious competition to the recently launched LG G3. So if you are waiting for the premium variant of the HTC One M8, don’t just give up yet. The Taiwanese manufacturer will come up the device real soon.

via Evleaks