LG G3 Features Rundown!

LG has finally unveiled its latest flagship product dubbed LG G3, at its simultaneous events in London, New York, San Francisco followed by Seoul, Singapore and Istanbul on Tuesday, May 27th. The company has come up with the tag line Simple is the New Smart for its new flagship device, bearing in mind the simple yet noble looks of LG G3 — and it’s got that quite right!

The specs and design of the device are quite good, better or equal to other superphones of HTC, Sony and Samsung, even though some would feel let down by the fact that LG has gone for the Snapdragon 801 processor in place of 805, because there is difference is larger between these two Qualcomm processor that the difference in number suggests.

Which also means that for now, all flagship device from Sony, Samsung, HTC and LG are using same processor. (Samsung also has Exynos chip is some models, btw, but that doesn’t matter much.)

It can be said that the LG G3 smartphone is the most advanced Android device — at least specs-wise — that has launched so far.

Featuring a Quad HD display — features 5.5″ display with resolution of 1440 x 2560 pixels, shooting the PPI to never-before score 538 PPI points — it can easily surpass the barriers of pixel density, and the Laser auto-focus technique employed in its 13 megapixel camera might set new heights to photography on mobiles, too, but we will have to wait before concluding anything on this.

Add to specs the existence of flat-concept based custom skin (UI) of LG and other cool LG proprietary features like Knock Code, and LG G3 makes the case for the most stunning smartphone in the market right now.



LG has never done good work on its flagship devices as regards design, that’s always been my opinion. And that changes with the G3. I never liked the design and use of materials on Optimus, G, G2, etc. — they just looked like LG trying hard to be Samsung, but not with G3.

You can say that’s because LG tried to be HTC this time around, if you don’t like LG or the G3, that is. But, the point is, G3 is the best looking Android phone from LG. yet.

The front of the device is almost all screen, thanks to the thin bezels that covers the device from the sides which only occupy a minimum amount of the front part of the device.

The company boasts a Quad HD screen covers 77% of the device’s surface which brings out the highest screen to device ratio for any device. Higher the better, you know. The device with the dimensions 146.3 x 74.6 x 8.9 mm merely weighs 149 gms which is pretty good for a 5.5 inch device.

The device comes with a Floating Arc design with ergonomic curves and slim profile which provides a comfortable grip for everyday use. The curves might remind you of the Nexus 5 (or even the awesome Galaxy Nexus) and this is where LG didn’t do the HTC who stick to flat line at the top and bottom.

The rear of the device is fabricated with stylish metallic coating with matte finish which sums up to an aesthetic and anti-fingerprint design. The redesigned Rear Key is the main power button for the device. That’s pretty unique to LG, btw.

The curved design of the device should make it feel comfy, even for a single-handed use, even for a 5.5 inch device.

The device comes in five vibrant colors: Metallic Black, Silk White, Shine Gold, Moon Violet and Burgundy Red.



The device comes with a truly amazing Quad HD display with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 on a 5.5 inch IPS display. This bashes the barriers of pixel density by achieving 538 PPI count which is the highest on any smartphone.

How LG did it? Well, LG says it reduced the pixel size on the LG G3 by whopping 44 percent from conventional Full HD displays, which give almost twice the pixel count.

With IPS panel in use, we think everyone would simply fall in love with the display for its ability to produce true-to-life colors and extra extra clarity thanks to 538 PPI points.

Sharper, clearer images are a guarantee, just start collecting QUAD HD wallpapers already if you are planning to buy latest of the LG.



Okay, this is new, quite new. We hope it turns out to be good, quite good. But we’ would have to wait before giving any final verdict on LG G3’s 13MP camera with Image Stabilization technology and Laser Auto Focus.

What’s Laser Auto Focus? Well, it’s the technology that measures the distance between the object and the Camera lens by using a Laser beam which LG hopes will enable you to get quicker and better pics.

And the 2.1 MP camera in the front should do just fine, whether you’re clicking a selfie or not.



LG G3 would come pre-installed with latest Android OS, v4.4.2, and will have new custom UI from LG, which has very much needed flat-conecpt UI treatment. Icons are flatter, and are gone the overly done and old-fashioned icons and UI.

Have a look at the screenshot above to get idea of what we’re talking about. Cool new flat and circle shaped icons are here!

This might actually be the best thing of the LG G3, because it’s the UI that you interact with on day to day, and you really need that to be modern, simple and usable. LG has struck with this, this time around.

The addition of QuickCircle notification area, that when used with the QickCircle case, is an exciting feature, and entirely new to smartphones.

UI and OS apart, LG has brought the Samsung’s multi-window feature to its latest phones, too, called the Dual Window which allows you to open up two apps simultaneously on the screen.

Guest Mode is also there, to let you give the G3 to your friend or relative without worrying about them peeking into your snapchat, whatsapp, or call logs. Guest Mode simply limits the interaction of the user while it’s on.



Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor 801 is a pretty powerful processor, yet, the timing of the release of G3, or the delay of it, made many hope for the next-gen and even more powerful by some distance than the model no. would suggest, the Snapdragon 8.5 processor.

But that’s okay.

And with Adreno 330 GPU chip in duty as regards graphics, it’s one of the best to play games on.

But, it’s the RAM that has the major say when it comes to lags and such. With 2GB inside the 16 GB model, it should prove more than sufficient for an average user who would never ever install more than 200 apps from the play store or otherwise. The Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 also house 2GB RAM.

But if you are someone who wants more apps than his Facebook friends or something, buy yourself a 3GB LG G3 with 32GB memory onboard, and you have the highest configuration currently available. FYI, Sony Xperia Z2 has 3GB of RAM, too!

With 16/32GB memory to choose from, the LG G3 also supports microSD cards upto 128GB. Needless to say, storage isn;t a problem in forseeable future.


LG G3 is a single sim supporting device, and it supports 2G, 3G and 4G LTE networks. And WiFi, Bluetoothm GPS, etc. are all top class.


The presence of 3000mAh battery underneath the 5.5″ display is a delight, because you really such massive battery to get the maximum of a powerhouse and entertainer LG G3 is.

A full day use shouldn’t be a problem at all, unless you grab a battery-hogging app from the play store or elsewhere, and it could last 2 days for average user.


Okay, time for those gimmicky features that make up the user mind but never truly are as useful as in the promotions. But every OEM needs them, at least that’s what every OEM thinks.


The new thing with this is that you can adjust the keyboard height — and that of the keys, obviously — on the go. usual modern keyboard features are also present, like learning words and your typing habits, etc.



Smart Notice tries to become your personal assistant, and is simply born out of LG’s incorrect thinking that it really needs a competitor app to Samsung’s S Voice, but wouldn’t rely on Google Now because it’s free, everywhere and is not LG’s own.



This is not exactly your HTC Blinkfeed by LG, as it does have a bevy of new features added to it. Could monitor your health, notify of meetings and provide news and app recommendations, too.



This is really cool feature which LG had already introduced with earlier devices of it, and has only improved further, for real.

Knock code allow you to unlock the device by simply tapping on the display in off state, without the need to reach out to Power button, or pick the device at all. It’s been improved with new features, to allow you pre-defined region-aware tapping to do things.



Guest mode closes down what’s available for user interaction so that you can safely hand your G3 over to a friend, or a spying sibling.

The best thing with it is that you can set the Guest Mode to start by setting a self-defined Knock Code for it. The other person wouldn’t even know that you just set the device in Guest Mode by simply tapping the display in a pattern at pre-defined regions. Cool!



QuickCircle Case

LG has thought it really good. Most of the times, you might not be needing LG’s 5.5″ display, and even a circle on the screen could do things alright for you. Like, picking up a call, receiving a notification, etc.

With QuickCircle case in use, G3 will shows its notifications, missed call alerts and other such stuff in a circle on the scree, which will be visible from same sized circled cutout of the case.

That way, you can get info even without removing the case.


LG Tone Infinim

LG is promising world class sound with its new wireless Bluetooth headphone in Tone Infinim. Sure give it a try when you meet the device in store. Interestingly, the headphone would pronounce the name of the caller when your receive a call with headphone in use.

Wireless Charger

LG G3 also supports wireless charging, which is a big plus indeed. It’s compatible with Qi’s Wireless charging.

That’s it.

So, what do you think of the LG G3?

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