HTC M7 specs and release date rumored. Includes 5-inch HD display, 13MP Camera and Unibody Aluminum Frame

New reports and leaks from multiple Chinese websites indicate that HTC is already planning for the release of a new flagship smartphone during the first quarter of 2013. While it has been less than a month since the HTC Droid DNA has been out as a Verizon exclusive, HTC may already have another high-end offering that it is prepping – codenamed the HTC M7.

Not much is known about the device at this point, but from what has been pieced together from multiple sources, it would seem that the HTC M7 will sport a 5-inch Full HD 1080p display (which seems to be fast becoming the resolution of choice lately), a Qualcomm APQ8064 processor, also known as the Snapdragon S4 Pro chip found in the likes of the Droid DNA and the LG Nexus 4, and a 13 Megapixel camera. All of this tech will be encased in a sleek unibody aluminum frame.

While initial reports indicated that HTC planned to launch this beauty in Q1 of 2013, which we all know could have also meant end of March, new information suggests that HTC may be looking at stepping up the launch timeline to mid-Q1. Apparently, HTC seems to think that this will allow the device to enjoy a good headstart of a couple of months on the market, before Samsung outs its much-awaited Samsung Galaxy S4.

While there are no more details available, than what we’ve already covered above, we are sincerely hoping that HTC takes pity on the masses and includes a user-replaceable battery, and at least 32GB of onboard memory. An expandable memory slot would be very welcome too.

We’ll be keeping our radar tuned in for any developments on the HTC M7, and will keep you posted as and when we pick up more juicy stuff about this awesome device.

Via AndroidandMe