HTC Hima (One M9) pictures leak, almost a copy of you-know-what-device!

HTC Hima One M9 Front Picture

Color us surprised, because what we heard yesterday is looking too true to be true! Bloomberg broke the news yesterday that new HTC handset, Hima, or One M9, would be very identical to One M8, and today’s leak purporting to feature HTC Hima (One M9) handset is strikingly similar to One M8. There are literally no changes on the front side, unless you look very closely and are hellbent on playing find-the-difference, in which case you might point that the length of the hole that houses various sensors, to the left to camera, is one or two mm lengthier than what you find on One M8 — we won’t disagree, btw!

HTC Hima One M9 Back Picture

While on the back side, even though HTC Hima looks very familiar to One M8, some things are spot-on. The camera’s shape is more square-ish, rounded at corners, while it was drawing a perfect circle on One M8. And bigger too. The rumored 20MP camera might be the reason for this. Further, the second lens at the top One M8’s back is gone too, which adds further credit to this being a One M9 picture for real. What do you think?

The white thick line bisecting the otherwise full metal back at the top and bottom of the HTC Hima are white colored here, while they were black-ish on One M8. The placement of USB hub and 3.5mm jack remains ditto, and we don’t notice any other changes.

Do you?

We know some HTC One M9 specs thanks to a leak. We’re expecting a 5″ Full HD display on One M9, and other internals include: 3GB RAM, Snapdragon 810 64-bit processor, 20MP and 5MP cameras and Android 5.0 with Sense 7. Improved audio is also on the cards, and looking at the above pics, it seems that improvement didn’t require HTC to shuffle things up, as placement of both speakers on the front looks just same as on one M8.

Btw, we’ll know more about the HTC Hima (one M9) soon on March 1, in Barcelona, where company looks eager to share to announce its next with us, and may also unveil a smartwatch. Although, HTC won’t be the only major OEM to unveil its 2015 blockbuster, as Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sony Xperia Z4 too look set to make the headlines. Samsung may also unveil its premium Smartwatch, codenamed Orbis, that’ll feature wireless charging and rotating bezel with a crown-shaped power button.

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