HTC Droid DNA GSM Radios will be unlocked out of the box

Anyone looking to buy the HTC Droid DNA but wishing they could use a SIM from a carrier other than Verizon will be happy to know that the Droid DNA will come with its GSM radios unlocked out of the box, ready to be used with any GSM carrier worldwide.

This is in start contrast to previous Verizon devices, which usually came with GSM radios that were unlocked a few months later after the device’s launch via a software patch. The Droid DNA supports the 850/900/1900/2100 MHz bands, so it will work on any carrier in the world that uses those bands, and to be honest, quite a lot of carriers do use those bands, so people shouldn’t have a problem using the phone in most countries.

So, anyone thinking they would have had to make a pact with the big red devil in order to enjoy the Droid DNA can heave a sigh of relief. Of course, you will need to pay the off-contract price, but I’m sure not many will mind thanks to the monstrous specs of the 5-inch smartphone.