HTC Droid DNA clears FCC, early Dec launch date looks clear

With the HTC Droid DNA getting listed on Verizon’s official support page and subsequently resurfacing for WiFi certification, the probability of an impending release seemed more and more positive. A second leaked image by @evleaks yesterday, further added some merit to the theory .

Now the FCC may have just provided us with what could possible be the first bit of tangible evidence that has come through with a new filing. A smartphone, model numbered HTC6435LVW (Same model number that was listed on the VZW support website) has been cleared by the FCC. The handset is said to support Verizon’s CDMA and LTE bands, as well as HSPA-capable world roaming frequencies, which further strengthens our belief that the 5-inch 1080p display equipped beast is headed fast towards Verizon.

While HTC and Verizon are both still tight lipped about the whole affair, there seems to be little to no doubt that the HTC Droid DNA is going to land at Verizon very soon. All that remains now is for Verizon to make an announcement, and relieve us of all the suspense. With clearance with the official authorities coming through at this time of the year, it is likely that Verizon might announce the HTC Droid DNA (which is hopefully what it will eventually come to be known as, unless Verizon and HTC think of a cooler moniker) well in time before Christmas. And that means an early December release seems likely.