Upcoming HTC Android phones release: HTC Alpine, HTC Ocean Note and the HTC E66 (X10)

The codename for three of HTC’s upcoming devices have been leaked out. The leakster going by the twitter handle LlabTooFer, who is very much trusted on all things HTC, revealed it today on to the Internet.

The three devices are codenamed as the HTC Alpine, HTC Ocean Note and the HTC E66. The last one is HTC One X10 actually. The HTC Ocean Note has been making rounds in the rumor mill for long time now, so it was about time we got some news about its release. The Ocean Note is expected to be ditching the headphone jack entirely and is even rumored to beat the Google Pixel in terms of Camera performance.

This is big news as the Pixel and Pixel XL hold the top spot for the best smartphone cameras right now. Though HTC was actively involved in the making of the Pixel devices, it’s still exciting to see HTC make more strides in camera technology.

Now the smartphone with the codename Alpine is what turns out to be the most interesting. A while back according to a previous Chinese report the next flagship from HTC was also set in line for a Q1 release so there’s a good possibility that Alpine could be the HTC 11. The flagship HTC 11 will also be running on the upcoming Qualcomm Snapdragon 835.

The HTC Ocean is set to release in January and the other two devices may follow too. Recently, HTC launched the Nougat update for T-Mobile HTC 10, while it was already available for the unlock HTC 10 and HTC One M9.

Via LlabTooFer