HP planning Android Phones and Tablets?

Hewlett Packard – a name people generally associate with printers, laptops and desktop PCs – had a short time in the mobile industry when they released a tablet running webOS but then cancelled it. But HP CEO Meg Whitman had recently announced that HP will be making another smartphone for sure, and latest reports are suggesting that HP will go with the most popular mobile operating system – Android.

In a research note, Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said “we believe HP will aggressively attack the smartphone and tablet markets, which we believe are risky investments.” With the world moving towards smartphones and tablets, entering the mobile space again seems an expected move, specially in the face of flailing profits in the computers business.

I for one would welcome HP as another choice in the Android market, though whether they are able to bring something special to the market remains to be seen. Let’s see what the future holds for the company.