How To View All Your Sent Friend Requests On The New Facebook UI

Facebook has been around for such a long time, that sometimes we forget who we have added to our Friends list. When you send a Friend Request on Facebook, you need to wait for the other person to accept it until you can view their profile and interact with them. 

While Facebook does notify you when someone accepts your request, there is no way of knowing if someone simply ignores it! In this article, we will cover how you can find all the friend request you have sent over the years!

What is a Friend Request on Facebook?

Facebook lets you customize the privacy of your account to a great deal. Not only can you customize who can view your profile, but also each post. When you want to connect with a person on Facebook, you need to send them a Friend Request. This sends a notification to the other user.

They can then decide whether they would like to accept it or not. If they do, you will be added to their Friends list and will be able to view all their content that is shared with the ‘Friends’ privacy setting.

How to view your sent Friend Requests on Facebook

We all know how to view Friend Requests from other users. But not many people know that you can view all the Friend Requests that you have ever sent that were not accepted. These requests are listed chronologically by the date they were sent. But Facebook has lately made it harder for you to find sent requests on the platform and if you are struggling with the same then follow one of the guides below. 

On iPhone and Android app

Make sure the Facebook app is installed on your device and visit the link given below. 

Note: The link might fail to open the app on some devices depending on the current defaults set for the Facebook app. In such cases we simply use the mobile browser instead which should automatically open the desired web page on your device.

If prompted, choose to open the link in your Facebook app. Once opened, you should be able to see all your sent requests on Facebook. 

You can now tap and cancel any request that you wish. 

On Mobile Browser

If you use Facebook in your mobile browser instead then you can use the guide below. Make sure that you are already logged in to your account before proceeding with the guide. 

Visit the link given below and open it in your mobile browser. 

As you are already logged in, you will now be directly taken to the sent requests page where you should be able to view all sent requests from the current Facebook account. 


PC users need to visit the same link to open the Sent Requests page. You can still access the sent requests page from the desktop version of Facebook. Use either of the guides below to get you started. 

Use the link

Visit the link given below in your desktop browser. Make sure that you are already logged in to your Facebook account before proceeding with the link below. 

You will now have a list of all the sent requests from the current account on your screen. 

Use the desktop version

Click on ‘Find Friends’ on your left.


Now click on ‘Friend Requests’. 

Click on ‘View Sent Requests’. 

You will now have a list of all the sent requests from the current account on your screen.

Is there any way to view a sent request in the mobile app?

Yes, you can still visit the concerned profile to view your ‘Sent Request’. Tap on ‘Requsted’ and choose the desired option if you wish to cancel your sent request.  

Can you cancel a sent Friend Request?

Yes, you can! Facebook lets you cancel a Friend Request at any point if the user has not accepted it. Canceling a Friend Request will not notify the user in any way. However, if you recently sent the Friend Request and the person has seen the notification, then they may notice when the notification disappears.

You can easily cancel a Friend Request by using the guide above to locate your sent Friend Requests and then selecting ‘Cancel Request’ beside the name of the user.

How long do Friend Requests last?

Friend Requests do not have a date of expiry like your frozen burrito. They will remain on a Facebook account until you manually delete them or cancel the request. You can also view how old a sent Friend Request is on the Facebook mobile app by using the method above.

The date beside the user’s name indicates how long ago you sent the Friend Request. This is only visible on the mobile app.

How many times can you send a Friend Request?

Once you send a Friend Request on Facebook, you cannot send another one to the same person until you cancel the previous one. When you cancel a Friend Request, the person will not be notified. However, when you send them a new one they will receive a notification.

There is no limit to how many times you can cancel a Friend Request and send a new one to the same person. When you send a new Friend Request, your name will rise to the top of the list of their Friend Requests.

Why can’t I find Sent Requests in the mobile app or web browser directly?

This seems to be a limitation of the current app. Using the ‘All Requests’ option does sometimes show you your sent requests but you don’t get the entire list of sent requests. It is thus recommended that you use the link instead to view all your sent requests. 

I am unable to find a sent request in the list

There can be two reasons for this, firstly make sure that the request hasn’t already been accepted by the concerned user. If your request has been accepted then unfortunately you can not do much about it. You will need to unfriend the concerned user instead. 

Another reason could be Facebook itself. Sometimes the service fails to show all of your sent requests and in this case, you can visit the concerned Facebook profile itself. You can then easily cancel your request by clicking on the ‘Sent Request’ option. 

We hope this article helped. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.



  1. I have an old profile when I lived in Kentucky. Now that I live in Texas I started a new profile. My account gives me none of the icons I’m suppose to have in order to send friend requests. Can I merge my two profiles and retrieve my friends?

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