How to Set Custom Wallpaper for Individual Chats on Whatsapp

WhatsApp, the Facebook-owned messenger service, is the most popular internet-based messaging app in most parts of the world. Available on different platforms, the app keeps rolling out new features for the users. Apart from fixing bugs, each update usually gives the users some new features like more stickers, emojis, and modes.

Before making new features available to all users WhatsApp tests them out on Beta users. Any user can sign up to be a Beta user of the app. By being a tester you get early access to upcoming features.

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Beta testers in November got an interesting app update which has now started to become available to regular WhatsApp users. This feature allows users to set up different wallpapers for individual contacts and chats. Instead of having to set up a common wallpaper for all your chats you can now have customized ones per chat.

While this feature has been made available for all beta testers, some regular users have also received the update. You can check out if the feature is available on your device by following some simple steps.

The first thing you should do is check if your app is updated. Go to the Google Play Store or the App Store and update the app. Once your app is up to date the chances are that you will be able to use the new feature. Now, try the guide below. If you see the options discussed below, then you have the feature.

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How to set custom wallpaper for individual contacts on WhatsApp

Open WhatsApp and select the chat that you want to change the wallpaper for. Tap on the chat to open it.

Tap the 3-dot menu button in the top-right corner.

Tap Wallpaper.

You will get four options of wallpapers to choose from.

  • Bright wallpapers contain bright images of landscapes, buildings, objects, animals, and abstract art.
  • Dark wallpapers have night images of buildings, landscapes, and abstract art.
  • Solid Colors give you the option of choosing the doodle wallpaper in different colors, including the default color.
  • My photos allow you to choose any custom images from the photographs you have on your device.

Having chosen the image you will be shown a preview of the wallpaper. For wallpapers from the Light, Dark, and Solid Colors options you can swipe to see previews. For wallpaper from your photos, you can adjust the image by pinching and moving it around.

When you choose a Solid Color to be the chat’s wallpaper, you have the option of having it with or without doodles. By removing the tick next to the Add WhatsApp Doodle option you will have a solid color wallpaper without the doodles.

If you like the preview and are ready to set it as the wallpaper for the chat, then you need to click the Set Wallpaper option.

Clicking the Set Wallpaper option will give you the choice to set that wallpaper for that particular contact or for all the chats in the light theme. If you select “For all the chats in light theme” then all chats except for the ones with custom wallpapers will have the new selected background.

Once you have selected the option of your choice, your chats will have the new wallpaper.

Repeat the process on any other chats you desire to give them custom wallpapers.

Why set custom wallpapers for chats

Some people may be wondering why setting up custom wallpapers for individual chats is a feature that WhatsApp worked on providing their users. Users already had the ability to set a customized wallpaper for all of their chats.

Many users have been using different apps and hacks to get different wallpapers for individual chats. The ability to personalize each chat is something that a large number of users have been demanding. The old WhatsApp doodle background is too impersonal. By offering this feature WhatsApp has given these users the freedom of individuality.

Apart from giving users more aesthetic experience, having the option of setting individual wallpapers reduces the mistaken messages to wrong contacts. WhatsApp already has given users the ability to delete messages they send by mistake. However, there still remains a chance that the message gets noticed before deletion. With individual chats having different wallpapers, users will not make the mistake of sending the messages to the wrong contacts.

Custom wallpaper in Dark mode

The Dark mode feature reduces the strain on the users’ eyes while using the app in low light.

With the new update, switching to Dark mode allows users to change the brightness of the wallpaper.

In Dark mode, you will see a slider that allows wallpaper dimming of each individual chat. You can dim the wallpaper of each chat to different extents.

If you have chosen a solid color as the wallpaper then you will notice that it will change into a darker shade in the Dark mode. Once you revert back to Light mode the wallpaper will return to the lighter shade.

What is your opinion on this new feature by WhatsApp?

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