Best Wallpaper Playlist Android Apps to Change Wallpaper Automatically

The wallpaper on your smartphone might not be deemed a valuable entity but is quite an essential aspect in your day-to-day life as it’s the first thing you interact with when turning ON your phone and it also gives your phone a new look every time you change it. While some of us can be real nitpicky about the wallpapers that we choose, a majority of users are unenthusiastic and are least bothered about changing the wallpaper on their phone.

Luckily, for both sets of people, there are now apps that can change up your phone’s background on a regular basis. The following list of some of the best apps can help you set a new wallpaper on your smartphone after a given amount of time or on a certain timed schedule. This means, you’ll no longer need to manually search for wallpapers and set it, so you can do more important things than keep looking through an endless list of wallpapers.

Google Wallpapers

Made by Google itself, the app comes pre-installed on most Android devices and offers a collection of wallpapers across various categories including landscapes, textures, life, earth, art, cityscapes, geometrical shapes, solid colors, and seascapes. Inside any of the available sections, you will get the option to turn ON Daily wallpaper.

The app will now automatically shuffle between the different options from the chosen category and apply it every day. You can choose to download the wallpapers using only WiFi or through any available network and apply it.

Download: Wallpapers


Microsoft Bing Wallpapers

Microsoft offers its own Bing Wallpapers app, offering a slew of images from around the globe that usually gets featured on the Bing homepage. Users can navigate through the catalog by choosing which color, category, or location of images they want to set a wallpaper. The app has an ‘Auto change wallpaper’ option that you can use to change wallpapers after a certain interval. Additionally, the Bing Wallpapers app lets you choose solid color wallpapers with custom colors of your choice

Download: Microsoft Bing Wallpapers

Muzei Live Wallpaper

Muzei is a live wallpaper app that can be made to give your home screen a new look each day with famous works of art. Wallpapers can recede into the background and the app can give icons and the status bar more prominence by blurring and dimming the backgrounds. Besides setting artworks as your wallpaper, you can also choose a different wallpaper source from your device’s gallery.

You can also control how often the app changes your wallpaper and choose anywhere between 15 minutes and 3 days. While setting a wallpaper, you can apply different blur settings on your home screen and on the lock screen.

Download: Muzei Live Wallpaper



WalP is basically a wallpaper app with a collection of stock wallpapers of smartphones from 30+ brands. You can choose to search for wallpapers using the different tabs at the top – popular, recent, shuffle, or categories. For changing wallpapers automatically, you have an Auto wallpaper changer option and switch the toggle ON.

Inside this screen, you can choose the duration after which you want your wallpaper to change and the options vary between 30 minutes and 1 day. The source of the wallpapers can be chosen between Favorites and Downloads and you can force the app to apply the wallpaper to the lock screen as well. Other conditional triggers for using WalP includes connected to a WiFi network or plugged into the charger.

Download: WalP


Wonderwall is known to offer high-quality landscape backgrounds. The app collaborates with photographers to provide users with unique backgrounds every day. In addition to a ton of wallpapers, the app offers an Autoset option that sets new wallpapers on your device without you needing to do anything.

The automatic wallpaper changer can be set to get you all the latest wallpapers or shuffle through the app’s whole library. Besides that, you can also choose from one or multiple categories of your choice.

Download: Wonderwall


Having existed before Android, Zedge has been a prominent player in the phone customization game and thus, offers thousands of wallpapers to apply on your home screen. Like other apps in this list, the app allows you to change wallpapers automatically through its Auto-update wallpaper option that can be found inside the app’s Settings page. You can change wallpapers on Zedge once every hour, in 12 hours or in 1 day.

Download: Zedge


Wallpaper app Tapet has been on Android for quite some time now and basically generates a wallpaper for your device depending upon your device’s screen resolution. None of the images generated is downloaded from the internet as they’re locally created on your phone. You can automatically change wallpapers using the Master Switch option.

From here, you can tap on options and tweak further settings. Tapet allows you to change backgrounds between every minute and every week. You can also choose to randomize wallpapers on startup, enable screen rotation, lock patterns/colors, or align the wallpaper with the clock.

Download: Tapet


A unique thing about Walldrobe is that the app, unlike others in this list, offers a library of backgrounds straight from Unsplash which is the largest collection of high-quality photos available online for free. You can choose from various image categories, search them and even download images in RAW. There’s an inbuilt Automatic wallpaper changer mode that lets you auto change wallpapers in different intervals, from different sources and with specific constraints like connected to WiFi, idle or on-charge.

Download: Walldrobe


Walli offers an assortment of backgrounds across three sections – featured, popular, and recent. The app also has images listed under several categories including Animals, Space, Nature, Quotes, Skulls, Black, and more. Newer updates to the app have brought a new feature that the company labels as Walli playlist. Here, you can add up to 10 pictures from Walli’s library and set them to change at a particular interval automatically.

Download: Walli

Material Islands

As a bonus option, we’re listing Material Islands which isn’t your conventional wallpaper app by any means. It’s designed as a semi-live wallpaper that doesn’t drain your battery as much as a real live wallpaper. Instead, the app catalogs five versions of a wallpaper design that can change from day through the night depending upon the time. You can choose between 15 different minimalistic isles.

Download: Material Islands

Do you automatically change wallpapers on your Android phone? If yes, which app do you use? Let us know in the comments below.

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