5 Best websites to download free HD Wallpapers for mobiles

Ever since we’ve developed the technology to bring high-quality display panels to not just our computers but mobile phones as well, we humans have been obsessed with wallpapers. A few years ago, the most you could want from wallpapers was to be Full-HD in 1080p resolution, but these modern times demand, and so do devices with WQHD+ display demand that you go out and look for the sharpest, most cutting-edge Ultra HD wallpapers out there.

While there are plenty of great apps that can help you not only fetch a great wallpaper in supported resolution, but also help automatically refresh the home screen with new shots every day. However, there’s still a hidden load of treasure in the form of the coolest wallpapers that these apps don’t source from, so the only way there is to get these stunning pictures of art is to download directly from the websites that offer them.


1. Unsplash

If you’re tired of using generic images that are just pulled off the internet, consider Unsplash your safe haven for wallpapers that are truly unique. Unlike most free wallpaper websites that source images from the internet openly, Unsplash is a conglomeration of beautiful high definition images that are independently submitted by a generous community of photographers. You can not only download all images for free, but even follow your favorite creators by signing up for a free account.

2. Google Photos Albums

If the Google Wallpapers app isn’t enough of a massive resource for you to get free wallpapers, Google Photos and its ability to help users share their albums is definitely going to win you over. You can find a bunch of publicly shared albums on social media platforms, and since they’re on Google’s server, you never have to worry about malicious content or viruses, and here are some of our favorites:

  1. WALLS by JFL
  2. Dope Walls

3. Pexels

You don’t have to mess around with ugly watermarks or reduced quality images, cause everything available on Pexels is under CC0 license, aka free! With more than 160 different categories, there are more high definition images on this website than you could possibly ever care to check out. But the best part is that Pexels has a leaderboard, which highlights the best photography contributions and the creators actually get rewarded for it.

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4. Reddit

Not just the place to find the coolest cat videos and spiciest memes of the week, Reddit is also home some of the most unusually cool wallpapers that you won’t find elsewhere. Mostly created and shared by the users themselves, the Wallpapers subreddit is packed with Full-HD and QHD wallpapers of all shape and form, and the list is updated by the hour, so you’ll never end up with an overly used image.

5. Google+

With the rise of social media giants such as Facebook and Twitter, Google+ simply never reached the potential that was meant to. However, the social platform by Google has become its very own community of sorts, with like-minded individuals sharing their interests freely, which includes their love for wallpaper. Although a surprising route to take to get wallpapers, the Collection section of Google+ is home to hundreds of thousands of wallpapers, from the most popular stock mobile ones to self-created ones as well.

Do you know a hidden treasure source which is just perfect for grabbing the latest wallpapers in high definition?

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