How to Remove Someone From Favorites on iPhone

Apple allows users to communicate with their friends and family easily by letting them add people they often talk to inside a Favorites list. You can anyone to your favorites list and add their name as a shortcut to contact them over a phone call, on Messages, FaceTime, or by Mail. This way you can save time scrolling through your Contacts whenever you wish to talk to them. 

If you no longer are in contact with someone or the number you saved is not in use anymore, you can remove it from your Favorites list. In this post, we’ll help you remove someone from Favorites on your iPhone. 

Where can you add someone to Favorites on iPhone?

You can add anyone to your favorites list on iOS. If you communicate with someone over phone calls, you can add their number simply for phone calls. The same can be done to interact with them over Messages, FaceTime, or any other app where both you and this person are available.

You can add people as favorites on Phone, Messages, Contacts, and FaceTime apps on iOS. But regardless of which app you used to favorite their contact info, you can view people you favorited only inside the Phone app. 

How to remove someone from Favorites on iPhone

While there are multiple ways you can add someone to your Favorites list, there’s only one way when it comes to removing them from this list. To remove someone from your Favorites list, open the Phone app on iOS. 

When the app opens, tap on the Favorites tab at the bottom. 

You should now be able to see all the people you favorited on your iPhone and how you’ve favorited them (on Phone, Mail, or Messages). From this screen, you can remove people from your favorites list using two of the methods explained below. 

Method #1: Using swipe to delete

The easiest way to remove someone from Favorites is by locating their name inside the Favorites screen on the Phone app and then swiping it leftwards. 

This will reveal a Delete option on the right-hand side of the person’s name. To remove them from your Favorites, tap on Delete.

The selected individual will now be removed from your Favorites on your iPhone.  

Method #2: Using the Edit button

If you aren’t a fan of gestures, there’s still one more way you can use to remove someone from your favorites list. To do that, tap on Edit at the top right corner of the Favorites screen. 

When the Edit mode is enabled, locate the person you want to remove from favorites and tap on the minus (-) icon on its left-hand side. 

You should see a Delete option on the right-hand side. To confirm the removal, tap on Delete

The selected contact will now be removed from your Favorites list. You can repeat the above step to remove others from your favorites. When you’re done deleting unwanted people from your favorites, tap on Done at the top right corner. 

The people you deleted will no longer appear inside your Favorites list on iOS. 

That’s all you need to know about removing someone from Favorites on an iPhone. 

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