How to play games online with video chat using Bunch app

Are you stuck at home missing your friends? Then there are many apps out there that you can use to catch up with them and hang out together, but there aren’t many apps that can help you play games together natively. Thankfully all that is about to change, all thanks to the new Bunch app.

Bunch is a group video calling app that allows you to chat with different friends while playing third party games. It supports various titles and has seamless controls that do not interfere with your gaming experience. Let’s take an in-depth look at the Bunch app.

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What is the bunch app?

Bunch is a video calling app that allows you to call up to eight people simultaneously. You can use this group call feature to chat with your friends while playing 3rd-party games that do not natively support video/audio calling capabilities.

If you are looking for a more cohesive experience, you can also opt for the natively supported games that Bunch already includes. These games allow for seamless gameplay while chatting with your friends and viewing their video feed.

How to sign up for the bunch app?

Signing up for Bunch is a fairly simple process. Follow our step by step guide to help you get started in no time.

Step 1: Download and open Bunch using the links given below. Once the app is open, tap on ‘Get Started’ at the bottom of your screen.

Step 2: Bunch will now ask you to sign in to the app using either your phone number or a Facebook account. This will allow Bunch to seamlessly sync your account data which will make it much easier to switch between various devices without having to sign in again and again. If you are using iOS, you can also use your Apple ID to create a new account. Enter your credentials to sign in to the app and move to the next step.

Step 3: Once you have entered your account details, you will be asked to choose a username. Choose a unique username that helps your friends identify you among other players with a similar name and enter your name in the text fields below that. Tap ‘Next’ when you are done.

Step 4: You will now be asked to upload a profile picture or click one right on the spot. This will make it easier for your friends to spot you among other people that are on Bunch. Alternatively, you can also let Bunch choose a random avatar for you if you are not in the favor of uploading your picture.

Your bunch account will now be created and you will be able to video call and play games with your friends simultaneously.

How to start a game on Bunch?

Step 1: Open Bunch and tap on ‘Games’ in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 2: Scroll to find the desired game that you want to play with your friends. Once found, tap on the game to go to the launch screen.

Step 3: On the launch screen, you will be able to see your video feed below the game preview alongside 7 empty boxes with a ‘+’ on them. Tap on one of the boxes to invite your friends.

Step 4: You will now be shown a sub-menu with your friend list in it. Select the friend that you want to invite to play the game from the list and tap on ‘Invite’ beside their name.

Step 5: Once your friends have joined in, tap on ‘I’m ready’ at the bottom of your screen.

Your game should launch once everybody taps on ‘I’m ready’ at the bottom of their screens. You should then be able to chat with them, see their video feed and play games simultaneously.

How many friends can I invite to a Bunch party simultaneously?

You can invite a total of 7 participants in Bunch to chat and play together simultaneously. As the app allows a maximum of 8 players, one being you, you can invite 7 friends. You can switch between audio and video chats and play a number of different third party games if none of the native titles appeal to you.

How to disable video feed during a Bunch party?

Step 1: Join the Bunch party with your friends or host one yourself.

Step 2: Once the party starts, tap on the gear icon in the bottom left corner of your screen.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘video camera’ icon to disable your video feed during the game.

Note: While iOS devices are able to remember this setting the next time you launch a new game, Android users will have to disable their video feed manually each time you launch the app again.

How to turn off in-game audio during a Bunch party?

Step 1: Join a bunch party or host one yourself from the home screen.

Step 2: Tap on the ‘gear’ icon in the bottom left corner of your screen once you are on the game selection page.

Step 3: Now tap on the microphone icon to mute yourself.

You will now be muted during the game and your friends will not be able to hear the audio feed from your smartphone.

What are the games that I can play with my friends on Bunch?

Pre-installed games in Bunch

Mars Dash

Mars Dash is an action-packed platformer game that puts you and your friends in the shoes of a space-exploring astronaut. Jump, dash and blast your way through obstacles to achieve victory in this simple yet action-packed game.


Pool allows you to play the classic game of pool along with your friends. It features easy game mechanics alongside soothing graphics that translate into a fun time with your friends right from the comfort of your couch.

Draw Party

Draw party brings the fun of Pictionary right to your smartphones and tablets. A person will be chosen and given something random to draw. The first one to guess it wins the round and will be awarded 100 points. If you and your friends are big fans of Pictionary then draw party is the ideal game for you.

Trivia Superhighway

Trivia Superhighway is a fast-paced time-based trivia answering game. You are awarded 100 points for each correct answer and the person with the most correct answers at the end of the round wins the game.


Charades is another popular party game available on Bunch. The game works by picking a player at random and then giving your opponent a category to choose from. Once the category is chosen, you will have one and a half minutes to act out the word at hand.


Flappylives brings the popular and viral flappy bird game to Bunch and turns it into a multiplayer competition. Each of the participants will be given a different colored bird and you all will have to compete on the same course. The first one to complete the course wins the round. Alternatively, the one who is able to survive the longest will also win the round.

Third-party games supported by Bunch

Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty is a PVP shooter game with multiple game modes and multiplayer capabilities. You can team up with your friends in the game and video chat with them using Bunch. You get access to various game modes including battle royale, multiplayer matches, deathmatches, capture the flag and many more. Download: Android | iOS

Golf Battle

Golf Battle pits you against various other players from around the world in a game of golf standoff where the first one to complete the course at hand wins the round. Bunch gives you the ability to pair up with your friends and compete in a round of golf while video chatting with each other simultaneously. Download: Android | iOS

Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a PvP action shooter that allows you to play with your friends in various game modes including the likes of battle royales and solo battles. You can integrate the game with a bunch and invite various friends to compete in multiplayer battles while video chatting with each other simultaneously. Download: Android | iOS


Roblox is an open-world adventure where you can virtually do anything you like. You can create structures, play different games and explore the already existing world created by other players. Simply install the game in your smartphone and launch it using Bunch to have your friends join in on the fun while you video chats with each other simultaneously. Download: Android | iOS


Uno is the digital version of your classic card game that is available on smartphones. The best part about Uno was seeing your friends’ faces and registering their tells to make your next move accordingly. The game natively does not have video chat capability but that is what Bunch is for! Simply install the game and launch it with Bunch to video chat with your friends while you play an intense game of Uno. Download: Android | iOS

Scrabble Go

Just like Uno, Scrabble Go brings you the fun of your classic word-building board game right to your smartphone. Bunch offers excellent integration with the game which allows you to video chat with your friends while competing in a game of scrabble. What’s more, you don’t even have to worry about fighting about which words are allowed and which are not. Download: Android | iOS is the fun browser-based game that finally makes its way to your smartphones. Launch it using Bunch to play along with your friends and become the biggest cell in the arena. You can even team up together in order to become the biggest and the baddest. Download: Android | iOS

Fun Run Arena 3

Fun run arena 3 is a platformer style action game where you have a race against your friends. You get access to different power-ups which can change the outcome of a game with a single blast which is what makes the Fun run arena 3 exciting. Download: Android | iOS


PUBG is your classic battle royale game that has been updated with various different game modes including deathmatches and zombie survival arenas. Simply launch the game using Bunch and now you will be able to video chat with your friends and teammates while playing PvP matches. Download: Android | iOS

Clash Royale

Clash Royale is one of the most popular real-time multiplayer games that are currently available on the market. Bunch allows you to simultaneously video chat with your friends while battling it out against each other in the clash arena. You get to collect different cards, attack various castles and earn chests in the process. Download: Android | iOS

Arma Jet

Arma Jet is one of the newest PvP action shooters available on the market. It features free to play in-game mechanics which ensures that paying customers do not have an edge over you and battles are purely won based on in-game skill. Launch the game via Bunch to simultaneously chat with your friends while shooting some enemies in the face. Download: Android | iOS


GoBattle is a retro-styled MMO battle game with 8bit style graphics. You get access to tons of skins, different game modes, and private rooms. The game is lightweight and easy to play which means that it can be played on low powered smartphones as well. Bunch allows you to launch the app after inviting a bunch of your friends which will allow you to team up together while conversing with each other in real-time. Download: Android | iOS

Guns of Boom

Guns of Boom is another PvP action shooter that allows you to battle against friends in real-time in different game modes including the likes of battle royale. Guns of boom has quirky graphics and unique characters with special abilities. Download: Android | iOS

Badland Brawl

Badlands Brawls is a strategic team fighting game where you have to pick out your team and battle it against your opponents in real-time. You can team up with your friends or play against them depending on your preference. Bunch integration allows you to launch simultaneous video chats with each other that will allow you to converse with each other in real-time. Download: Android | iOS

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans integration with Bunch is a much-needed feature that players have been waiting for ages. Bunch will allow you to talk with your friends in real-time, form strategies and attack your opponents in cohesion which should yield significantly higher rewards. Download: Android | iOS

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is a top of the line multiplayer action shooter that has various game modes including battle royale which supports 100 players simultaneously. You even get access to special weapons and skills like parkour which are not available in other battle royale multiplayer games. Download: Android | iOS


Frag is a PvP shooter that features calming graphics, unique player and excellent in-game mechanics that are bound to keep you at the edge of your seats. Simply install the game and launch it using Bunch to simultaneously video chat with your friends while battling it out against each other. Download: Android | iOS

Rules of Survival

Rules of Survival focuses more on in-game battles rather than the customizability options of the game. You get access to various game modes including the likes of battle royales and deathmatches. Integration with bunch allows you to chat with your friends in real-time and take down your enemies with ease. Download: Android | iOS

Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a fast-paced hoops shooting game with excellent in-game mechanics and physics. Although the game allows you to play against friends, there is no way to chat with them natively in the game. Thanks to Bunch’s integration with basketball stars you can now converse and heckle your friends in real-time while scoring points against them. Download: Android | iOS

Battlelands Royale

Another PvP action shooter, battlelands royale gives you access to fun tiny characters with unique abilities that can be used to your advantage during the game. You also get access to unique weapons, airdrops, battle passes and various game modes. Bunch integration allows you to chat with your friends in real-time which will yield you a significant advantage over other teams. Download: Android | iOS

Card Party

Card Party is a new take on Uno that adds new cards with different power-ups and abilities to the game. The game is a fun and simple pastime that will give you enough time to chat with your friends without being too focused on winning the game. Download: Android | iOS

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens combines hours of fun with quirky graphics. This card game has been backed by its loyal supporters since its Kickstarter days and combines the two best things loved by the internet, kittens and laser beams. Bunch integration will allow you to play with your friends in real-time while having conversations with each other and coming up with different strategies. Download: Android | iOS

We hope this guide helped you get started with Bunch easily without any hiccups. Do you have any questions? Feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.

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