How To Mention Someone On Snapchat

Snapchat mention

What better way is there to stay in touch with your friends than to send them a disappearing snap! Snapchat helps you connect with people around the world. The app shot to fame with its ‘disappearing photos’ concept. Snapchat has a ton of hidden features that many people do not even know about! In this article, we will cover how you can mention someone on Snapchat and what happens when you do.

What is a ‘Mention’ on Snapchat?

While the concept of mentioning is quite common on other social media platforms like Instagram, this is a first for Snapchat. The ‘mention’ function lets you basically add a user to your snap. You can use the function while sending a snap or even in your Snapchat story.

Mentioning a user in your snap is a cool way to include others that were with you at the time. It can be compared to ‘Tagging’ on other social media platforms. Since Mentions are tied to your snap or story, they disappear once along with the snap. When you mention someone in your snap, they will be notified of it. users can swipe up on your story to view the profiles of people that you mention.

How to mention someone on Snapchat

Snapchat lets you mention users in your snaps or even Stories. You can only mention users in your Friends list on the app. Snapchat does not let you mention strangers. Follow this simple guide below to mention a user on Snapchat

Launch the Snapchat app on your device. Now go ahead and take a picture using the Snapchat camera. Alternatively, you could use a snap from your memories by swiping up.

Once you have your snap, tap the screen to bring up the text box. Now tap the @ button on the panel above your keyboard. This will bring up a list of your most frequently snapped friends. Alternately, you could type the ‘@’ in yourself using your keyboard.

Select the users that you would like to mention in your snap. There does not seem to be a limit on how many users you can mention per snap. Once your snap is ready, hit the ‘Send to’ button in the bottom right corner. Now you can choose to send it as a snap or add it to your story.

How to customize a mention on Snapchat

If you thought mentioning was cool, imagine being able to customize that mention any way you like! If you want to customize each mention on your snap, you will need to add a mention in each text box. Follow the guide above to add as many separate mentions as you like in your snap.

Change the color

To change the color of your mentions, select the mention by tapping it then use the slider on the right panel to change the color. You can do this for each text box.

Change the font

You can change the font of your mentioned users by selecting a font from the panel above. Try out some different ones. If you want to have different fonts for different mentions, you will need to create separate text boxes for each mention. All mentions in the same text box will have the same font.

Change the size

You can change the size and position of a mention just as you would a sticker on Snapchat. Use the pinch-to-zoom method to change the size of each text box with a mention. You can move the mention around by simply tapping and dragging it to a new location on the snap.

What happens when you mention someone on Snapchat?

When you mention someone in a Snapchat story they immediately get notified. Even if you do not send them the story, they will receive it as a message when you tag them in it. However, if you tag a user in a snap and send it to a third friend, the user will not be notified! This does seem a little weird, but that’s just how it is.

When you come across a story or snap with a mention in it, you will notice a ‘Mentioned’ notification at the bottom of it. You can swipe up or tap the notification to view all the users mentioned on the snap. If you do not have that user in your Friends list, you will see a ‘Add friend’ button beside their name.

Tapping on the mentioned username will open their Snapchat profile. From there you can message or snap the mentioned person (only if they are in your Friends list).

Can you remove a mention on Snapchat?

Unfortunately, there is no way to remove your mentioned username on someone’s story. The only thing you can do is report the snap. But chances are, Snapchat is not going to respond by the time the snap has expired. To report a story, tap the three dots in the top right corner and select ‘Report’.

What is ‘Added by Mention’?

‘Added by Mention’ is one of the ways that you can add new users to your Friends list. As mentioned above, when you mention a user in a snap you can swipe up on the snap to view their profile. If the person mentioned is not in your Friends list, you will see an ‘Add Friend’ button next to their name.

Users that are added in this fashion will receive a notification letting them know that you have added them through a mention on someone’s story. When you add them, they will be notified of the manner in which they were added, which in this case is ‘Added by Mention’.

We hope this article helped. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.