FSE Meaning on Snapchat: What Is It, How To Use, Similar Terms, and More

Snapchat is its own universe when it comes to social media platforms. Disguised as an instant messenger, you not only get the ability to share stories but also offer subscriptions, eCommerce products, and general short-form content. Snapchat is famous for its timed messages that help prevent any privacy invasions for its users.

If you have been using Snapchat for a while then you have probably come across cryptic acronyms that you might have never heard of before. One acronym that manages to elude most users is FSE. So what does it mean? Let’s take a quick look at it.

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What does FSE mean on Snapchat?

FSE stands for Funnies S**t Ever. It is an acronym belonging to the category of funny responses which also includes well-known acronyms like Lmao, LOL, and ROFL.

FSE is more of a casual response though and instead of being used in conversations, it is mostly used to denote shared content. FSE is also used to send feedback to content creators or send funny videos and memes to your friends. If you love comedy on the internet, then you should definitely have FSE in your arsenal of acronyms.

How to use FSE on Snapchat?

FSE can be used in multiple ways and multiple scenarios. Let’s take a look at some real-life uses.

Story Feedback

Every time you view someone’s story on Snapchat, the platform allows you to denote specific time codes and send comments about them to the creator. This makes it easier for you to ask questions, send suggestions, or simply initiate a conversation about a particular thing in the story without having to explain the whole concept. If you wish to convey to someone that their content is super funny then you can send a DM to them while watching the particular story with FSE written in the comments.

Note: You can only send these messages to content creators that have you listed as an authorized or paying subscriber. If not, then you can only make use of this functionality with another user that is friends with you on Snapchat.

Content Sharing

Like most people, you might often share memes, videos, and links with your friends and family via Snapchat. If you find something exceptionally funny, you can use FSE while sending that particular content. If you are sending an image then you can even overlay FSE stickers or text on the particular photo to get the most out of it.

Snap Text

If you are sending Snaps and have found something very funny out in the wild then you can simply add a text to the Snap that says FSE. You can customize the fonts and even use annotations to point to the thing in question if your Snap does not have proper lighting. This way you can share funny Snaps with your friends in real-time while using FSE.

Snap Sticker

Similar to adding texts to your Snaps, you can also use stickers related to FSE in your Snap. This will help give a better aesthetic appeal to your content which could in turn work in your favor depending on the situation. Unlike other acronyms that have dedicated stickers, Snapchat sadly does not have dedicated stickers for FSE yet. You will have to make use of stickers presented in suggestions for now.

Where to use FSE

FSE as an acronym has multiple uses and can be used in most funny and comedic scenarios. Let’s take a look at some ideal scenarios for using FSE on Snapchat.

  • When sharing funny content
  • When sending funny messages
  • When sending funny texts/Snaps
  • When someone sends you something very funny
  • When you spot something funny in the wild

and more. You should have gotten the gist to FSE for now. If not, then you should keep in mind that it is similar to LOL, Lmao, etc. that are used to denote laughter. FSE can be used in most similar situations where LOL, LMAO, etc. can be used.

FSE like acronyms for Snapchat


LOL stands for Laughing Out Loud and is used to denote genuine laughter via text. It is mostly used on Snapchat when you see or talk about something that you find funny. It is usually not used for extremely funny content as the following acronyms are more apt for that.


ROFL is used to denote extreme fits of laughter and is short for Rolling on The Floor Laughing. It is mostly used when something makes you laugh uncontrollably and you wish to share the same with your friends.


LMAO is more of a casual response used to denote extreme laughter. It is not as dramatic as ROFL and is short for Laughing My A** Off.

We hope this guide helped you learn everything you needed to know about FSE on Snapchat. If you have any more questions or face any more issues, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.


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