How to get paid apps from Play Store for free?

Google Opinion Rewards

We’ve all been here. The frustration when we find out that the app we saw online is a paid one or when there are in-app purchases to get rid of those annoying ads.

Some find a way around to download the paid apps — which we don’t recommend, really! — and some just live with those annoying ads, which we don’t want for you either (see how to block ads on Android).

But here is a simple legal way to buy and download paid apps for free, or buy the in-app purchases essentially for free, AND all you need to do is answer a few questions every now and then.

Yes, there is an app that pays you for answering questions. And that money can be sued to not only download apps from the Play Store (APK) but also other cool content from the Play Store.

Google Opinion Rewards?

What is Google Opinion Rewards?

Simply put Google Opinion rewards is a survey app that asks you simple questions to which you provide answers to earn rewards.

For companies and market researchers, online surveys are one of the easiest ways to reach and understand a large demographic or a targeted audience with minimal cost. There are tonnes of websites and apps out there that pay you to take surveys but most of them are either bad or not trustworthy.

Amidst crappy online survey apps which asks you to try products, watch videos, shop online, rose a survey app developed by Google which just asks you simple questions. It’s a win-win situation for both you and Google.

You get compensated for answering simple questions and Google gets paid by providing your answers to companies or market researchers who requested it in the first place.

Does Google pay me for taking these surveys?

Technically yes, Google does pay you but not with real money but with Google Play Credits. You can use these credits to purchase any paid apps or games or books or movies that can be found on Play Store.

These credits do expire, you can only redeem these credits within a year from the day it was credited and it cannot be transferred from one person to another. Some surveys don’t earn you credits but most of them do.

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What questions do I need to answer in a survey?

The questions are pretty simple. Some of the questions that pop up now and then are questions like which is the best logo among these, how much time you spend in a nearby supermarket, how would you rate some of the Google products and sometimes the app even asks you rate the video that you recently watched on YouTube.

You can always choose to skip a survey, it’s not mandatory to answer every survey you receive. The frequency of the survey may also vary. On an average, you’ll get a survey once a week.

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How to get started?

Google Opinion Rewards setup

Download Google Opinion Rewards app

After downloading and installing the app from the Play Store link given above, sync your Google account and create your account by filling in the necessary details like name, address, city, state and postal code.

There will be questions asking your age, gender, the languages you understand, etc., Answer those questions and get started. The surveys you get are going to be based on the answers you provide to these questions.

That’s it about the setup part. Now, you’ll get notified whenever there is a survey available, but note that and the survey offer expires in 24 hours. So make sure you take the survey within 24 hours to earn play credits.

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To use your play credits tap on ‘spend play credits’ on the startup page of the app. It takes you to Play Store where you can purchase apps, games, movies and many more using your play credits.

There is no official information on the highest amount you can earn from answering these surveys. The maximum I’ve earned is around Rs.16.

Privacy Concerns?

location history

Don’t panic if you ever receive a question regarding your recent visits or your recent location. It’s because you have turned on your location history. Of course, Google asks you to turn on location history to improve your search results, to maximize the use of maps, etc. stuff. But you can turn off your location if you want. Just go on to settings, and turn off your location history.

But hey, Google even keeps track of you even if you turn off location, so why even bother. Also if you don’t want to be a part of the survey taking demographic anymore you can always delete your account any time you want but you will lose all the play credits you earned.

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Of course, it’s not possible to make some big money with this app. But something is better than nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

Download the app and get paid for answering simple questions. And don’t ever let money stop you from playing your favorite game or watching movies or reading some good old books.

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