How To Get Full Armored Kratos in Fortnite

Fortnite Chapter 2, Episode 5 is here and Epic Games seems to be geared to give players a season to remember. Players had already been eagerly awaiting the new Mandalorian skin along with the Fortnite Crew Pack subscriptions. The news of Mando and Grogu, better known as Baby Yoda, coming to Fortnite had been leaked by Twitter user Hypex before the Season 5 launch on December 2. No wonder players flocked to buy the season’s battle pass (or the Crew subscription) for the Mandalorian skin.

Even before many players could complete the quest to get the Mandalorian battle armor, Hypex released the next leaked skin. The internet went crazy as Hypex hinted that God of War’s Kratos would be joining the hunt.

Epic Games collaborated with Sony to make the PlayStation character skin available in Fortnite. This collaboration has given PlayStation players something exclusive to look forward to as well. Here is all you need to know about the entry of the god-killer in Fortnite.

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Is Kratos skin only available on PlayStation?

Till December 3, to enjoy the demigod Kratos in action, gamers had to play the PlayStation flagship game God of War. God of War is unavailable on any other platform apart from PlayStation.

Frequent rumors of the game becoming available on other platforms, have yet not come true. Non-PlayStation players’ long wait to get their hands on Kratos has come to an end. Epic Games has collaborated with Sony to bring Kratos out of the God of War world.

In the latest season, Zero Point, Agent Jonesy is hiring hunters from various realities to prevent characters from escaping the Loop. Hours after the leak by Hypex, the game developers released the Kratos skin on all platforms.

So, now Fortnite players on any platform can get the Kratos skin.

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All you need to know about the Kratos skin and Kratos bundle

The highly sought after skin and accessories have been made available on all platforms. The Kratos skin and accessories are items that need to be bought from the store using V-Bucks. You can either buy the Kratos skin, Leviathan Axe, and Guardian Shield separately or together as a bundle.

The Kratos skin comes with the Mimir’s head as back bling. In the Kratos, bundle players will get the skin, the harvesting tool, the glider, the back bling, and the Freezing Burst emote.

Kratos price: Cost of skin, accessories, and bundle

The Kratos outfit and Mimir back bling combination cost 1,500 V-Bucks.

The Leviathan Axe harvesting tool and Freezing Burst emote combination cost 1,000 V-Bucks.

The Guardian Shield glider price is 800 V-Bucks.

The Kratos Bundle has been priced at 3,300 V-Bucks. However, currently, there is a 1,100 V-Bucks discount on the bundle reducing the price to 2,200 V-Bucks for a limited time.

How to get the Kratos bundle on Fortnite

Since the Kratos skin, accessories, and bundle are purchasable items, players can simply buy them from the store. Players need to have sufficient V-Bucks to successfully buy the item of their choice. If the player does not have enough they can continue playing the game to earn more or simply buy more V-Bucks from the store.

Players also have the option of receiving the skin and accessories as gifts. The bundle, however, cannot be purchased as a gift.

PlayStation exclusive armor for Kratos

Even though players now have the access to the Kratos skin on Fortnite, Sony has ensured that PlayStation loyalists get something exclusive. The PlayStation exclusive golden armor of Kratos is not accessible to players on any other platform.


PlayStation gamers unhappy about Kratos entering other gaming platforms still have the bonus armor to look forward to.

How to get the exclusive Kratos armor on PlayStation

To get the insanely impressive looking armor, PlayStation users need to buy either the Kratos Outfit or the Kratos Bundle which contains the outfit. After playing a match with the new Kratos Outfit players will gain access to the Kratos Armor.

How to get access to the Kratos armor without owning a PlayStation


Just because you do not own a PlayStation does not mean that you cannot own the Kratos armor even after buying the outfit. You just need to have access to a PlayStation device.

If anyone you know has a PlayStation then you can log into your account on their PlayStation and play a game using your account. This will give you access to the Kratos armor.

Even if you log back out and resume playing on a non-PlayStation platform you will see that you still have access to the armor. While this is not a feasible “hack” for most people, it is still a way players can access the armor.

Exclusive Kratos armor reactions

While PlayStation players are happy to have received the exclusive armor variant, there is a mixed reaction from other Fortnite players. Some players are extremely disappointed that even after buying the outfit or bundle they did not have access to the armor.

Others were understanding of the fact that Sony would give their users a bonus item.

With Master Chief rumored to be joining the game soon, Xbox players are waiting to see what exclusive variant awaits them.

Have you been able to get the PlayStation Exclusive Kratos armor?