How to Get Free Neon Pets in Adopt Me!

Adopt Me! — the enormously popular multiplayer online role-playing game on the Roblox gaming platform — is giving users a taste of looking after their precious pets and nurture them to their full potential. If seeing your favorite pets prosper isn’t enough of an incentive for you, you would be happy to know that every act of kindness and duty is rewarded appropriately in the game in the form of in-game cash. You can use the cash to personalize your pet and show them off to your friends.

Coming to showing off, there’s nothing quite like a fully-grown rare Mega Neon pet in Adopt Me! Not only does it give you the mental satisfaction of possessing one of the finest pets in the game, but you also get the chance to have a truly rare magnificent beast following you all today. With the thought in mind, let’s take a look at Neon Pets and try to figure out the best way of acquiring them.

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What is a Neon Pet?

Screengrab via Pretzel Etzel

Neon Pets are identical to ordinary pets in Adopt Me! With one stark difference: they have some glowing neon spots in some areas of their body — limbs, tail, nose, ears, etc. The game doesn’t allow you to choose the areas which would light up in bright neon, so, you might not get your favorite mix in the first attempt.

If you are willing to go beyond the standard Neon Pet, you could even try to acquire Mega Neon Pets, which are super rare, spectacular, rainbow-colored Neon Pets.

Can you change the color of the neon pet?

Acquiring Neon Pets and pushing them to their full potential seems to be one of the main objectives of the game. However, gamers — especially the ones obsessed with personalization, may not be with the lack of customization Neon Pets brings. We’ve already noted that Neon Pets don’t allow you to choose neon spots.

Additionally, the game also doesn’t pick your favorite neon color. Maybe, it’s the game’s way of making the users keep coming for more, and we don’t believe the system would change any time soon.

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How to get a Neon Pet in Adopt Me!

Already in love with the idea of Neon Pets? There are a couple of things you must keep in mind before you start wandering.

First: you need four pets of the same kind to create a Neon Pet. If you don’t have four ordinary pets, you aren’t eligible for the privilege. Additionally, keep in mind that the four pets you choose to combine would be lost forever. So, if you’re particularly fond of a pet, try not to make it a part of the Neon Pet upgradation drive.

Second: all four pets must be fully-grown. You cannot make Neon Pets from four half-grown ordinary pets. Even if a single pet is below its maximum potential, the operation would fail. Now, with the disclaimers out of the way, let’s learn the secret of Neon Pet creation.

Once you’ve accumulated four pets of the same kind, you’ll need to go to the Adoption Island. If you’re running in from the neighborhood, you’ll see a bridge right away. Go to the middle of the bridge and deep dive into the water. Underneath the bridge — in the middle portion — you’ll see a little platform and a door, pointing to Nixie’s Cave. That’s the famed Neon Pet creation center.

Screengrab via Pretzel Etzel

Enter the place and you’ll see five neon circles right in front of you — four smaller circles, surrounding a giant white one in the middle. Now, you’re required to place the four pets in the four smaller circles.

Screengrab via Pretzel Etzel

The moment you place the final pet in the circle, all of them would be combined and a Neon Pet would be created. It’ll, of course, be a newborn.

Screengrab via Pretzel Etzel

So, be sure to give it all the attention and nourishment it requires.

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What is a Mega Neon?

As we mentioned, acquiring a Neon Pet might look like the end of it, but the game has a lot more in store for its enthusiastic players. Once you get a newborn Neon, you’ll have the objective of nursing them to full health.

Once you do that, you can combine your Neons to get a Mega Neon. Depending on how rare your Neons are, it could take a while to get a Mega Neon. However, their rainbow-hued aura is more than worth the hours you put in the game.

How to get a Mega Neon?

Getting a Mega Neon isn’t very different from acquiring a regular Neon. Here, too, you’ll need to combine four fully-grown (‘Luminous’) Neon Pets to get a Mega Neon. Mega Neons glow vividly in one of the rainbow colors and change the effects every one or two seconds.

First, go to the same bridge on your way to the Adoption Island and take a dive. Locate Nixie’s Cave underneath the bridge. Enter the cave and place four fully-grown Neon Pets of the same type inside the four designated neon circles. Just as you put the final one, you’ll see the magic unfolding before your eyes — a Mega Neon occupying the middle, white circle.

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Can you get Neon Pets for free?

To get a Neon Pet, all you have to do is be patient, nurture your pets, and fuse them together at Nixie’s Cave. None of it costs a dime. However, acquiring Neon Pets, especially when they are rare, can be quite a daunting task. You are asked to carry out different tasks in order to grow your pet, and the challenges can get pretty repetitive really soon.

Additionally, if you’re going for Mega Neons, it’s likely to take a good few months to get the job done. Even the most ardent followers can get a little skeptical to put the hours in, which leads to deep searches across the internet.

There are some users who would give you their pets for money, but there isn’t actually a surefire way of getting cool pets completely for free. Yes, there are a few giveaways here and there, but the chance of getting a Neon Pet through these giveaways is rather slim.

So, unless you’re feeling lucky, we’d advise against wishing for a miracle in these giveaways and earn your Neon Pets in the game.

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