How to fix Galaxy S10 won’t charge with dead battery problem

Galaxy S10 not charging problem

Another day, another Galaxy S10 bug. While Samsung is trying hard to troubleshoot the issues associated with the S10 flagship many active users are left with disappointment. This time it’s a charging issue that is not expected out of a premium device like the S10.

A high number of users are reportedly facing a charging problem with the trio of Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus and Galaxy S10e where the device was not able to charge if it’s battery went down to 0%. Usually, simply plugging in the charging cable should revive the device, but it seems some Galaxy S10 handsets stopped charging once the electricity went out completely.

Such an issue can arise due to any app or any fault in the hardware. Users are reporting that their Galaxy S10 won’t charge specifically when the battery dies. Even if its plugged in for a recharge, the users noticed that there was no animation and the phone wouldn’t switch on even when its plugged in.

However, the charging issue doesn’t persist when the phone is plugged in for recharge while it still has battery life. The issue arises only when the battery dies and the phone shuts down which is pretty weird.

Possible solution

Obviously, there couldn’t be any software solution here. It’s purely hardware related business, but we do have a suggestion that you can try if you too are facing the charging problem with your dead Galaxy S10.

Use a different charger than your usual one. Preferably the one that came in the device’s box. You can also try any other charger from a friend. If it charges, switch it on right away to avoid issues again. You can now use your regular charger.

This has worked for most S10 users. So give it a try and do let us know if it works for you.

On the same lines, changing the USB cable can have an impact too. You can also try to charge the device after botting it into Download mode or Recovery mode.