Gacha Club lagging? Here’s How to Fix It and Make it Fast

Gacha Club is a massive step-up from the previous installment in the mega-popular Gacha franchise, Gacha Life. It has five times the characters, a completely re-polished visual aesthetic, more advanced animation, and a whole truckload of new customization options. There’s even a completely new set of “Battle” game modes. Indeed, there’s a lot of new content, and with it come new demands for our phones’ resources.

How to Fix Gacha Club Lag

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Make Sure you Have Plenty of Storage Space

Low storage space makes a phone susceptible to slowing down. While Gacha Club only needs 100mb of storage space to download,  make sure that your phone has above and beyond that in terms of free storage space can help keep your phone fast. Shoot for a minimum of 1GB.

Close Background Apps/Running Services

This one is a no-brainer, and something you should be doing anyway.  Once you are done with that then check your background services — a lot of social media apps demand resources even when operating in the background.

If you’re desperate to speed up your Android, this means more than just closing the idle apps; to check what apps are chewing up resources in the background, enable Developer Options  (it’s still the same) and click on Running Services. Uninstall any resource-hungry apps that see little use. And get rid of any Live Wallpapers you’re using and disable your widgets.

Get a Haircut

Gacha Club Character customization Menu

Part of Gacha Club’s new visual package is the inclusion of a new “Hair Wave Animation” that provides a certain bounce to the character’s hair, giving them the impression they’re caught inside an eternal shampoo commercial. It’s pretty slick, and gives characters a more life-like aesthetic than Gacha Life — pun not intended.

However, Lunime has stated that this new Hair Wave feature could be partially responsible for lag on older devices. Try lowering the graphics settings under Options > Quality and try switching to a character without wavy and animated hair.

Wait for PC Version

We recommend iOS users check out our guide on how to get Gacha Club — specifically the part about using Bluestacks Emulator to download and run Gacha Club on their machine. However, with the game currently in a de facto early access stage on Android, expect the game to be buggy. If the game is continuously crashing on Bluestacks, your best bet is to just keep playing Gacha Life until July 10th when the official PC release is expected to drop. After that iOS users can easily play Gacha Club on their Windows system while waiting for the iOS release which is expected in August.

Let us know if that helped speed up your Gacha Club gameplay! If you have any other questions, leave one in the comments — we’d be happy to help!

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