How to fix app switching gesture in One UI 2

Samsung started beta testing its upcoming One UI 2 software for the Galaxy S10 handsets last month. One UI 2 beta first went live in Korea and then moved to the US, Germany, India, and the UK.

Weeks after the initial beta testing, Galaxy S10 users in the US started receiving the third One UI 2 beta update to their device last week. One UI 2 brings with it app switching through gesture navigation but the same has resulted in some issues.



Users are complaining (via Reddit) that since the new update, they haven’t been able to switch between apps through gestures when gesture hints are turned OFF.


There’s a fix to get app switching to work through gestures even with gesture hints turned OFF. Instead of swiping with gesture hints, users can swipe between apps by first swiping their finger a little upward and then moving it right or left to switch between adjacent apps. The gesture motion, shared by Reddit user enij90, is sort of like drawing an inverted-U from the bottom of the screen.

There you go, you can now enjoy app switching gesture on your Galaxy device running the latest OneUI 2 Beta 3.

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