Samsung releases third One UI 2 beta to US Unlocked S10; Indian Note 10 users getting One UI 2 beta

Recently Google revealed that many smartphone manufacturers are well on their way to bring Android 10 to their respected user base before the end of the year, including. The South Korean OEM isn’t exactly the fastest of the block when it comes to software updates, but this time there seems to be an extra spring in their step.

It’s been more than three weeks since the unveiling of Android 10-based One UI 2 beta for the Galaxy S10, and users have given Samsung enough material to work with. The company, in turn, has been keeping its users posted about the latest developments, releasing periodic updates.

As a testament to their good intentions, the company has started rolling out two major updates for its 2019 flagships, the Galaxy S10 and Note 10, releasing the third One UI 2 beta update for Unlocked S10 devices in the United States and finally launching the beta program for Note 10 devices in India.

The third beta, which was released in India on Thursday, for the US Unlocked S10 devices carries software version ZSK3 β€”G970U1UEU2ZSK3 for S10e, G973U1UEU2ZSK3 for S10, and G975U1UEU2ZSK3 for S10 Plus β€”Β  and brings a host of bug fixes and improvements. Note 10 devices in India, on the other hand, are getting software version ZSK4 β€” N970FXXU1ZSK4 for Note 10 and N970FXXU1ZSK4 for Note 10 Plus β€” which brings One UI 2 beta with all the latest bug fixes and features to the anniversary-edition Note devices. Both updates bring the November 2019 security patch.

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