Where are the videos and screenshots from Game launcher saved on Samsung Galaxy devices and how to find them

Game Launcher video recordings location

Game Launcher helps you enjoy your games to their fullest by drowning unnecessary chatter and letting you record your glorious kill-shots. Game Launcher is an essential tool for every Galaxy gamer out there, but it’s not really the easiest app to maneuver. The app allows you to record your most intense moments, in-game, but finding those recorded screenshots/videos can be a bit of a hassle. If you aren’t being able to access your recordings, we might know how to help.

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Where are the videos and screenshots from Game Launcher

The app saves your recorded videos or screenshots to a folder in Gallery, naming the folder after the game you were playing while taking those screenshots/videos. For example, if you record some awesome kills in PUBG, your recordings will be saved to a folder named PUBG in the Gallery app.

How to find screenshots and videos of a game

Step 1: Open the Samsung Gallery app.

If you just took a screenshot or video, you may find it at the very top of the screen (under the Pictures tab, the default one).

Step 2: Tap Albums.

Step 3: Browse and find an album by the name of your game. For example, I have the screenshots from the Race.io game in an Album (folder) called Race.io.

Step 4: Tap the Album by game’s name to open it. You will find the screenshots and videos from that game here. Here are my screenshots from the Race.io game.

Game screenshots

Step 5: For another game’s screenshots and video recordings, find the Album named after that game.


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