How to Enable or Disable Vibrations on Keyboard on iPhone

iOS users have long requested per-key haptic feedback ever since the feature was introduced to Android users. Per-key haptic feedback for your keyboard allows you to get a confirmation for each keypress which allows for a better typing experience and generally fewer errors.

Thanks to the introduction of iOS 16, this feature is now a reality. You can now receive per-key haptic feedback on the iOS keyboard in conjunction with audio feedback. 

How to enable or disable per-key haptic feedback on iPhone

  • Required: iOS 16 update

Open the Settings app on your iOS device and tap Sounds & Haptics.

Scroll down and tap Keyboard Feedback.

Now enable or disable the following toggles depending on the kind of feedback you want from your keyboard. 

  • Haptic: Toggle haptic feedback for keypresses on the iOS keyboard. 

  • Sound: Toggle audio feedback for keypresses on the iOS keyboard. 

And that’s how you can enable or disable per-key haptic feedback on iOS 16. 

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Here are a few commonly asked questions about this newly introduced feature that should help you get up to speed with the latest information. 

Can I control the intensity of the Haptic feedback for keypresses?

Unfortunately no, you can not adjust the haptic feedback intensity for the iOS keyboard. 

Will this feature impact iPhone’s battery life?

Yes, haptic feedback generally consumes a small additional amount of battery every time it is activated. If you’re someone that types a lot on their iOS 16 device, then you could see a significant hit on your daily battery life.

As this feature is fairly new, we recommend you try using your phone on a full charge with haptics for your keyboard enabled to gauge the impact on your battery life. You’ll be able to find detailed information in Settings > Battery at the end of your day.

We hope this post helped you easily toggle per-key haptic feedback for your keyboard on your iOS 16 device. If you face any issues, feel free to drop a comment below.


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