How to create your HBO Max account using ‘Sign in through TV or Mobile provider’ option?

How to create your HBO Max account

HBO recently released its new streaming service, HBO Max. It offers tons of great content, along with new features and improvement to their streaming quality which should translate into a better viewing experience. The new service is completely free to use for users in the US that already have an existing HBO subscription with their TV provider.

This makes it easier for people to switch to the new streaming platform. HBO Max even offers a dedicated sign-in option for people that wish to use their already existing subscription with their TV provider. But some devices have not received the updated HBO Max app yet.

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Furthermore, many devices lack the option of logging in using your TV credentials which makes it impossible for existing users to access the new content. Thankfully, there is a neat workaround that you can use to log in to HBO Max with your TV credentials even on unsupported devices. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.

How to create an HBO Max account using a mobile or TV provider credentials?

Step 1: Open in your desktop web browser. Click on ‘Sign in‘ in the top right corner of your screen and then select the ‘Sign in through TV or Mobile provideroption.

Step 2: Now enter the login credentials for your TV provider to get access to HBO online. For example, enter the credentials of your YouTube TV or Hulu here.

Step 3: Once you have access to HBO online, navigate to your account settings. Now, select the option to create an HBO Max account.

Note: Ensure, that you use an email address that is not already associated with your TV provider. This will ensure that your existing TV provider account and the new HBO Max account don’t clash with each other.

Step 4: Now that your account has been created, note down your new credentials and log out of your account.

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How to use the newly created HBO Max account?

Step 1: Vist and log in to your new account again. Once again, click ‘Sign in’ in the top right. Now, enter your email and password (that you created above). Do NOT select the ‘Sign in through TV or Mobile provider’ option.

Step 2: Now head over to your billing settings and you should see a notice saying ‘Your HBO Max subscription is billed through *Your TV Provider*‘ where ‘Your TV Provider‘ will have the credentials of your TV provider that you already use.

You will now have created a standalone login ID for HBO Max using your existing subscription with your TV provider. You can now use these credentials to log in to HBO Max on devices that do not support logging in via your TV provider credentials.

We hope this guide helped you easily circumvent the challenges posed by the new HBO Max app. If you have any questions or queries, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

Keep Mobile or TV provider credentials with you

Now that you have a new HBO Max account, you can share its credentials with a family member so that you do not have to use the credentials of your main account, that is, TV or mobile provider account.

So, if you were worried about sharing your YouTube TV (Google) credentials with a family member just to enable them to watch a Harry Potter movie on HBO Max, then that problem is now solved — simply use the newly created HBO Max account’s credentials.


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