HBO Max on Roku: 5 things to know!

HBO Max has officially launched and right off the bat, has gathered its share of troubles. While available for access on a number of platforms, the new video streaming service took its sweet time to strike a deal with Roku and Amazon. Keen to figure out how it all shaped out? Here is all you need to know about it!

HBO Max is finally available on Roku

Even months after HBO Max landed, users could get their mitts on the newest streaming service on the Roku app. The two parties didn’t even promise to sort out their difference, let alone announcing a launch date. Finally, in the dying days of December, Roku listed the HBO Max on its app store, allowing everyone to download one of the hottest streaming apps to their devices. Click on the link below to get the app.

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Can you use your device to cast HBO Max to Roku?

If you were thinking of simply casting your screen from your mobile device, that will not be so simple. Roku uses a different form of casting called ‘DIAL’. This method requires both, the device that is casting, and the TV, to have the same app installed.

For example, you can cast YouTube videos, since Roku has a YouTube app and your device has one too. However, since Roku does not yet have an HBO Max app, you will not be able to cast your HBO Max screen to the TV.

Though, you can use Miracast to stream content over Wi-Fi Direct. All modern smartphones have this feature, especially the ones from Samsung and LG. Although this will not directly cast your video to the TV, it will mirror your screen and anything on it.

Why did it take so much time for the app to release on Roku?

Since HBO Max is a new streaming service, Roku and the suites in HBO Max’s offices didn’t have an agreeable revenue model in place, at first. They took their time to iron out the creases and have now officially come out with the HBO Max app for Roku TV. Users on Roku TV would be able to watch all upcoming Warner Brothers blockbusters through the app, starting with the Wonder Woman sequel.

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Will the HBO Now app change to HBO Max app on Roku

Subscribers to HBO Max have received an email informing them that the HBO Now app on their device will be updated to the new HBO Max app. If you haven’t yet got the update, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your device.

Similarly, if you were using the old HBO app on your Roku device, allow it to change itself into its newest “Max” avatar. It might take a while for the thumbnail to change, so remain patient.


To access HBO Max without Roku, you can use services like YouTube and Hulu. You will need to add HBO Max to your Hulu/YouTube TV subscription, and then use the HBO Max app/web to sign in with Hulu/YouTube TV credentials to access the new content.

How to add HBO Max to YouTube TV

Since HBO Max isn’t available on your device, here are the top video streaming apps that you can use on your Roku TV. All of these are available for download on the Roku channel store. Simply hit the Home button and select ‘Streaming channels’ from the left panel.

  • Netflix
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Hulu
  • Google Play Movies
  • HBO Now
  • PBS

Have you got your HBO Max subscription yet? What are some of your favorite shows? Let us know in the comments below.