How to Create a FaceTime link in Calendar on iOS 15

Apple recently demonstrated all the features that are coming in the next major update for your iPhone – iOS 15. Set to release this September, the upcoming iOS version will come with a slew of new features like SharePlay, Focus, Spotlight search for photos, Live Text, new Weather UI, and more. But perhaps the biggest changes to be made available on iOS will be the new features set to roll out to FaceTime. 

In iOS 15, FaceTime is getting a new revamp owing to the increasing reliance on video conferences that have been forced upon us. One of these FaceTime features includes being able to generate a FaceTime link that can be shared via messages and email and also linked to a Calendar event. The addition of these FaceTime links will also make the dream of joining FaceTime calls via Android and Windows a reality. 

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In this post, we’ll help you generate a link for a video call on FaceTime using the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad. 

How to Create a FaceTime Link in Calendar on your iPhone and iPad

Before you go ahead and try to create a FaceTime link inside the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad, you need to know that this new feature is only available on iOS 15.

Note: As of today (June 08, 2021), you can only access the feature using the iOS 15 Developer Beta which isn’t available for the public but should be accessible soon when Apple releases public betas for iOS 15. We advise against installing beta builds of iOS on your primary iPhone as they may hinder your device’s day-to-day operations due to the presence of bugs and software incompatibilities. 

If you do somehow get iOS 15 on your iPhone, you can follow these steps to create a FaceTime Link inside Calendar. To do this, open the Calendar app on your iPhone and tap on the ‘+’ icon at the top right corner to create a new event. 

This will bring up a ‘New Event’ screen on your device. Here, enter a title for your event at the topmost text field. Now you can proceed to create a FaceTime link by tapping the box just below it that reads “Location or Video Call”. 

You will now be taken to a new screen. Here, tap on the ‘FaceTime’ option under ‘Video Call’. 

When you do that, FaceTime will automatically create an upcoming call and link it to your Calendar event. If this is successful, you should be able to see the ‘FaceTime’ label under your event title inside the Calendar app. 

In case, Calendar doesn’t add a FaceTime link…

Since iOS 15 is still in Developer Beta, there are a bunch of bugs as you’d expect. We believe this is why on some occasions, you may not be able to add a link to a FaceTime call directly from a Calendar event. In such scenarios, you will have to manually add a link from FaceTime. For this, open the FaceTime app on iOS and look for the most recent ‘FaceTime Link’ under the ‘Upcoming’ section. If you don’t see one, you might have to create a new link by tapping the ‘Create Link’ button at the top. 

If you see a recent ‘FaceTime Link’ under the ‘Upcoming’ section, tap on the ‘i’ icon adjacent to it.

 On the next ‘FaceTime Link’ screen, select the ‘Share Link’ option. 

When the Share Menu appears, tap on the ‘Copy’ option. 

When the FaceTime link is copied onto your clipboard, go to the ‘Location or Video Call’ option inside the ‘New Event’ screen. 

You can then add the FaceTime Link you copied inside the ‘Enter Location or Video Call’ search field at the top. For this, tap and hold on the search field and then tap on the ‘Paste’ option when it appears. 

When this link is pasted, tap on the ‘FaceTime’ option which will now carry the link actual link to the video call. 

The Calendar event should now include the FaceTime Link at the top. 

After you have added a FaceTime link to the Calendar event, you can edit other event details on the screen like meeting start and end time, add invitees, alerts, attachments, other URLs, and notes as required. 

Once you have added all the relevant details for the event, you can tap on the ‘Add’ button (or ‘Done’ button if you’re editing an existing event on Calendar) at the top right corner.

When you successfully create an event on Calendar with a FaceTime link, a FaceTime label should appear inside the Event Details page once the event has been created.

From here you can enter the FaceTime call directly by tapping ‘Join’ or share a link to the call using the Share icon beside it. 

That’s all you need to know about creating a FaceTime Link in the Calendar app on iOS. 

How to get Android and Windows users to join your FaceTime call?

Well, that’s super easy now. Share your FaceTime call’s link with them via any medium you want. Send them the link as a text message, or on chat or DM, all works. The Android and Windows users only need to click on the FaceTime link to join your call. As there is no FaceTime app on Android and Windows, they will be joining the call using a web browser — both Chrome and Safari as supported.

Of course, you can use this link to invite any of your friends who use an Apple device like iPhone, iPad, macOS, etc. too. 


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