How To Center Instagram Bio

Center Instagram Bio

Instagram has gone from a fun app to peruse in your free time to a full-blown marketing and socializing platform. While some don’t really care about what the post and how they post it, there are others that take painstaking effort to make sure every aspect of their profile and posts are perfect. In this article, we will cover how you can center align your Instagram bio to make it stand out from the rest.

What is an Instagram bio?

Your Instagram profile page is very important. It is basically the first impression that people have of you on the social media app; and you know what they say about first impressions right?

Your Instagram bio is the only place you can use text to describe yourself on your profile. The bio is located right below your profile picture on the profile page. It can be used to give a brief description of you or your business to users that stop by your profile.

What is the character limit on an Instagram bio?

Instagram has a character limit on its ‘Bio’ feature. You can only use 150 characters in your Instagram bio to describe yourself. There is no way to circumvent this character limit. Even if you try to edit your bio on the web app, you will meet the same conundrum. If you add a single character more than 150 you will not be able to post the bio. The 150 characters include spaces too.

How to center an Instagram bio

Unfortunately, Instagram does not offer any text editing tools while inputting your Instagram bio. That means you have to center your bio using the old ‘spaces’ trick. Unlike other social media apps, Instagram does not discard empty spaces. This means that you can use the spaces to align your bio!

Step 1: Edit your bio

First, you need to edit your Instagram bio. You can do so on the mobile app or on the web app. However, since most people use the mobile app while perusing Instagram, we will use it to edit the bio too.

Launch the Instagram app and go to your profile by tapping the profile button in the bottom right corner.

Now tap ‘Edit profile’. You can now see all the aspects of your profile that you can edit.

Step 2: Align your bio

Now the idea is to separate your bio into different lines and then add spaces before each line. This will create the illusion of using a center alignment on the text. This next part is all about trial and error.

Depending on how long each sentence is, you should add spaces before it. Basically you should add the same number of spaces before each line of your bio. The best results are found using 9 spaces before each line. You can simply copy the spaces between the arrows below and paste them before each line in your bio.

|〈         〉|

Alternatively, you could simply tap the spacebar on your virtual keyboard and count each space you add.

Step 3: Save and check your bio

As mentioned before, this is a trial and error method. You won’t know how your profile looks until you save the changes and check it for yourself on your profile.

Tap the blue tick in the top right corner to save your changes and then visit your profile to check it out.

Keep adjusting the number of spaces according to how far out in the center you want your bio to be.

Try out different styles

Centre alignment is just one way to style your Instagram bio. Using the ‘spaces’ method you can try out different styles to make your bio really stand out. Play around with the number of spaces before each sentence to create some fun alignments.




Well, now you know how to center align your Instagram bio on your profile. If you have any queries, feel free to reach out to us in the comments below.