How to Cancel Chuze Membership

Chuze Fitness has slowly grown to be a popular fitness franchise in the US with multiple serviced locations. The Fitness provider offers comprehensive and cheap membership plans that are hard to pass on, even if you are getting into fitness for the first time. But gyms are highly personal spaces and many times some may not be up to your expectations. You can easily cancel your Chuze membership in such situations but the process is slightly different when compared to other Fitness providers. Let’s take a look at how you can cancel your Chuze membership. 

Cancel Chuze membership

Chuze memberships need to be canceled in person ideally. A cancellation form needs to be submitted with at least 10 days of notice before your next billing date to avoid any extra charges. This form can be submitted by visiting your nearest Chuze Fitness center and filling the form. You will be required to provide the following when filling the cancellation form. 

  • Name
  • Reason for cancellation
  • Authorized signature

If you can not, however, go in person, then you can send a mail regarding the same.

Apart from an email, you can also send a physical mail with the request for the same or even fax if you have a fax machine at hand.

Chuze has not provided their respective mailing address or email ID for cancellation due to privacy reasons. The company will disclose this information after you mail them from a registered email ID on the Helpdesk email ID given below.

► Chuze Helpdesk ([email protected])

Chuze Cancellation fee and policy

Chuze has a comprehensive cancellation policy in place and depending on your usage and plan, you might be charged a cancellation fee of $50.

Let’s take a look at the prominent terms and conditions for canceling your Chuze membership. Keep in mind that you can find a comprehensive account of the same in the Chuze membership agreement that you would’ve signed when obtaining your membership. 

  • 10-day written notice mandatory for monthly or annual memberships before the next billing date.
  • Memberships must be in good standing before cancellation. (Memberships with outstanding charges will not be considered for cancellation).
  • Annual members canceling their membership before the 12 month billing period comes to an end might be required to pay a $50 cancellation fee. 
  • Brand new members are entitled to buyer’s remorse for the first 5 days of their membership. 
  • New members can get a full refund if they decide to cancel their membership within the first 5 business days of their initial days. 

Note: Chuze recommends that you go through the membership agreement to fully understand the cancellation charges and the conditions under which they are applicable. 

Full Refund when canceling within 5 days

Chuze’s Buyer’s Remorse clause lets you cancel the membership within 5 business days (thus, 7 days maximum if a weekend falls in-between) of the purchase. So, if you happen to have subscribed to the Chuze membership for less than 5 days, you can get a full refund of the amount paid for the membership.

Can you transfer your Chuze membership to someone else?

Unfortunately, Chuze memberships are non-transferrable. They can not be transferred to your friends or family members. You can however still get in touch with your local Chuze Fitness center for the best course of action in such cases. 

We hope this guide helped you learn everything you needed to know about canceling your Chuze membership. If you face any issues or have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below. 


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