Hot deal: Get a Galaxy S8 for as low as $666 and S8+ for $777 on the Samsung Shop app

We know that ‘everything is fair in love and war’. And it’s the veiled war among the top smartphone companies to sell their devices that has prompted them to resort to tactics never seen before. Ever heard of latest flagship devices being offered at huge discounts. Well, that’s what Samsung has resorted to. Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Wait, till you hear the entire deal.

Samsung had put up its flagship devices Galaxy S8 and S8+ for pre-order via various carriers with many deals and promising offers. And now the company is giving away these devices at unbelievable prices, the locked variants mind you, via three carriers which include Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. (Wonder why T-Mobile has been left out!)

Verizon is selling Galaxy S8 and S8+ for $666 and $777 respectively while the respective price for AT&T Galaxy S8 and S8+ is $693.75 and $786.25. On Sprint, the Galaxy S8 can be purchased at $693.75 and S8+ price will set you back by $786.25. To avail these discounts, you need to purchase these devices via Samsung Shop app. The app comes pre-installed on most Samsung devices.

For a better comparison of the discounts being offered, you can check the original prices offered for Galaxy S8 and S8+ by various carriers by visiting the link below.

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Meanwhile, Verizon is rolling out an OTA update to Galaxy S8 and S8+ which brings the latest security patch, fixes Bixby button remap issue and various software enhancements.

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  1. Syed Tanvirul Hasan

    i wish i had that amount of money!! -_-

  2. The prices in the Indian Samsung Shop is still the same 😐

    1. This is nothing new! They don’t even give some goodies with it, like they do in other countries!

      1. Yeah 🙁 luckily we can use any sim we want and don’t need to pay extra to have the phone unlocked like in the US about 100$ more for the unlocked variant.

      2. Yeah, they are giving freebies like Samsung Dex and Bluetooth Speakers, but in India, all we get is a wireless charger.

  3. Vasu Sumanth Chowdary

    in india still remain same they didnt launch with exciting offers.

    1. They sell only unlocked variant in India and hence will never get a price drop during the launch.

  4. Tip: To get this deal on the carrier variants of Galaxy S8, you need to use the Shop Samsung app on a Galaxy S8 device only. If you’re on a Galaxy S7, the Shop Samsung app will probably show you $720 for the Galaxy S8, not $666.

    TL;DR: You need a Galaxy S8 or a friend with Galaxy S8 to get this deal.

  5. great deals for US customers, since there always been an offer war between the carriers!!

  6. hard to get such deals in India!!

    1. Not just India, every other country outside US (and maybe Korea too) are struggling with this! They’re considered lucky

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