Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ price, deals and pre-order offers

Galaxy S8 Price

Update [April 22, 2017]: Confirmed price has been added for India. Please look at the table below.

If we are to name a single phone that’s been continuously in the news for a long time, it has to be Samsung’s next flagship, the Galaxy S8, and Galaxy S8+. There has been no shortage of leaks whatsoever. And why not, the Galaxy S8 is the successor to the best phone of the year 2016 after all.

Samsung has revealed the pricing for the Galaxy S8 for almost all countries, and below, we have a compilation of Galaxy S8 price and Galaxy S8 Plus price, for almost all the regions where it’s launched already, available on pre-order or otherwise.

With the Note 7-debacle on its back, Samsung decided to not only unleash a new design and AI called Bixby with Galaxy S8 — and it bigger sibling, Galaxy S8 Plus — but has kept the pricing reasonable too.

Unlike past Galaxy S sets which took the pricing to about $100 expensive than last year, this year, with the Galaxy S8, Samsung hasn’t pushed the price by that much when compared to Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge respectively.

Let’s have a look at Galaxy S8 pricing in the table below.

You have links to buy it from various the Galaxy S8 is available, like Amazon, Best Buy, Samsung, etc. in USA, India, UK, Germany, etc. countries, and more.

Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus Price

Country (currency) Galaxy S8 Galaxy S8+
United States
Amazon USD 999.00 USD 1299.99
T-Mobile USD 750.00 USD 850.00
Samsung USD 750.00 USD 850.00
Verizon USD 720.00 USD 840.00
Samsung USD 720.00 USD 840.00
BestBuy USD 819.99 USD 915.99
AT&T USD 749.99 USD 849.99
Samsung USD 750.00 USD 850.00
BestBuy USD 749.99 USD 849.99
Sprint USD 750.00 USD 850.00
Samsung USD 750.00 USD 850.00
BestBuy USD 799.00 USD 899.00
U.S. Cellular
Samsung contract contract
Bell CAD 1034.99 CAD 1114.99
Eastlink contract contract
MTS contract contract
Rogers CAD 1035.00 CAD 1115.00
Sasktel contract contract
Telus contract contract
Videotron CAD 1029.00 CAD 1119.00
Freedom Mobile/ Wind
Fido CAD 1035.00
Koodo Mobile CAD 994.00 CAD 1064.00
United Kingdom
Clove GBP 689.00 GBP 779.00
Carphone GBP 689.00 GBP 779.00
EE contract contract
Amazon EUR 799.00 EUR 899.00
Ebay EUR 790.67 EUR 902.30
Amazon EUR 829.00 EUR 929.00
Amazon EUR 809.00 EUR 909.00
Amazon EUR 809.00 EUR 909.00
Amazon EUR 799.00 EUR 899.00 EUR 799.00 EUR 899.00
Optus contract contract
Telstra contract contract
Vodafone EUR 809.90 EUR 909.90
Orange contract contract
Telia EUR 809.00 EUR 909.00
A1 contract contract
3 contract contract
Elisa contract contract
Gigantti EUR 829.00 EUR 929.00
3 contract contract
Telenor contract contract
Sunrise CHF 799.00 CHF 895.00
Mobilezone CHF 799.95 CHF 899.95
Orange EUR 795.00 EUR 895.00
Vodafone EUR 799.00 EUR 899.00
Telekom contract contract
Samsung RUB 54990 RUB 59990
i2 Stores contract contract
2B Computer contract contract
B.Tech contract contract
Telekom contract contract
New Zealand
Pbtech contract contract
Samsung INR 57900 INR 64900
Flipkart INR 57900 INR 64900
DINOMARKET IDR 10499000 IDR 11999000
Telemart PKR 87000 PKR 97000
Yayvo PKR 87000 PKR 97000
Home Shopping PKR 87000 PKR 97000 PKR 87000 PKR 97000
Lazada PHP 39990 PHP 45990
Samsung MYR 3299 MYR 3699
Samsung TRY 4399 TRY 4999
thegioididong VND 18990000 VND 20990000
Grameenphone BDT 77900 BDT 83900
Swisscom contract contract
Sunrise contract contract
Salt. contract contract
Samsung contract contract
Samsung contract contract
Samsung contract contract
Samsung contract contract
South Africa
Takealot ZAR 15499 ZAR 17499
Vodacom4U contract contract
Samsung contract contract
Vodacom contract contract
MTN contract contract
Chatz contract contract
Cellucity contract contract
Incredible Connection ZAR 15499 ZAR 17499
Cell C contract contract
Hi ZAR 15999 ZAR 17999

Note: Do tell us if you know about a listing we should add, you’re welcome!

Galaxy S8 Deals

Right now, as the Galaxy S8 is on pre-order at most places, it’s the best time to buy it if you 100% decided on S8 being your next device.

In US, Samsung’s own site is throwing mouth-watering discounts right now, until device remains on pre-order, till April 21. Find the link in above table.

While, do check the links we have provided for your region to know about the pre-order offers at your region.

We would also try to bring you the latest and greatest deals for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus on this very page. So, do bookmark this page.

Do feedback us on this page, btw. You’re welcome!

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  1. last year samsung offered good discounts and lots of free goodies in USA and other countries but non was available in India, this time they offered free headphones and sound amplifiers with the purchase of S8 in US, hope atleast this time they offer some discounts and free stuff in India too!!

    1. I think the headphones will be shipped with every device, no matter what country your buying from 🙂

  2. A whopping 89999 on Ebay?! I believe the launch is happening sometime next week? Will the prices be that high officially?

    1. The Samsung galaxy S8 price will be starting at: INR ₹49,990. USD $750 AUD $999 when it’s officially released. Hope this helped 🙂

      1. Thanks but again the launch is on 21st and we won’t know for sure until then. These are just speculative.

        1. In Australia you can already pre-order the S8 for $999, this goes along with the speculation of INR ₹49,990 and USD $750

          1. Speculative indeed. Whatever it is we’ll know for sure the day after tomorrow. I’ll find out then.

  3. Vasu Sumanth Chowdary

    what about the price in india for bothe the variants?

    1. The S8 will apparently be around INR ₹49,990 and the S8+ will be around IND ₹57,990. Hope this helped 🙂

    2. S8 -Rs.57900
      S8+ -Rs.64900
      these are the prices as of now 😀

  4. This could be a game changer!

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