Hitachi Shows Off Impressive 4.5-inch Glasses-Free 3D IPS Display

Hitachi has been shying away from the Android explosion till now, whether intentionally or not, but that could soon change even if it’s very indirectly. If the new IPS display from Hitachi which promises even better glasses free 3D experience gets the blessings of android device makers, Hitachi could soon have a component or two of its too in the Android scene. And to prove that its screens are capable, the company just showcased the 4.5 inch display with a very impressive resolution of 1280 x 720 (yeah, that’s HD) based on IPS screen tech. But the point is, it uses lenticular lens approach rather than the parallax barrier method used in the recent HTC 3D phone, the EVO 3D, and the Nintendo 3DS; this — as Hitachi is quick to translate to laymen terms — results in much brighter 3D images and in fact, the 3D mode would even surpass the traditional 2D mode.

That all sounds too cool but lets see when the Hitachi’s new display hits the retail stores in some uber-cool android devices. And why Hitachi chose to use that the method it used (the pic at very top) to put its fine tech on display is beyond us — could have been much better, eh!

Via Engadget

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