Hidden Price Increases in iPhone 12 You Didn’t Know

Whether you love them or hate them, Apple certainly knows how to squeezes its customers for every penny that they’re worth. While the Apple 12 series is exceptional, these not-so-subtle ways in which Apple loves to nickel and dime its customers is actually unnerving.

Apple’s strategy makes one wonder how far can a brand stretch the gray area to make sure the profits keep coming in one way or another. Yet, Apple only seems to be getting aggressive with time and finding more creative ways to justify some of its more questionable decisions.

Take the exclusion of the charger and Earpods and how Apple made it about the environment. One cannot contend this point without coming across as inconsiderate and kind of daft.

But that mustn’t stop us from seeing what it will cost the customer. When the high from your recently purchased iPhone wears off, just how steep will your credit card bill actually be? Here’s a look at the hidden price increases in iPhone 12 you didn’t know.

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Increase in the base price of the 6.1-inch iPhone model

This year, Apple’s entry-level model is not the iPhone 12 rather, it’s the iPhone 12 mini which has a 5.4-inch display screen and is available on the same Buy page as the iPhone 12.

This move by Apple was not just a bid to cater to those users who prefer a smaller screen, but also a way to ensure that the $699 audience has an option to pick from the 12 series with this cheaper, more affordable option. After all, at $799 for the iPhone 12 64 GB model, there has been a rather steep $100 spike in the cost of the iPhone that up until the 11 series users did not have to contend with.

No charger

Apple has ardently claimed that not including the charger is part of its environmental initiative. But keep in mind that the consumer who will be paying the price and not Apple, especially when a USB-C to lightning brick will compel the buyer to pay $19 in case they don’t have the brick.

Another aspect of the hidden pricing is the MagSafe puck. While the puck can be considered an optional purchase, without it, the MagSafe charging feature on the iPhone is deemed absolutely redundant. So that’s another $39 dollars that you won’t see accounted for by Apple when you purchase the iPhone 12.

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No earphones

Another accessory that will cost you extra depending on which option you choose are the earphones. Since these don’t come in the box anymore, you are looking at an additional spend of $19 for Earpods, $159 for Airpods, and $249 for Airpod Pros if you need to purchase one.

Remember that since Apple is dropping strong hints of going the wireless way, you will find yourself restricted to the Airpods which are fairly expensive just for the sake of future-proofing.

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64 GB isn’t sufficient

Whether it’s apps, high-res photos, and videos, or even documents, a lot has changed in terms of how we create and store content. Even with cloud storage services, there is always content that one wants to ensure is available to access offline. Maybe you might be able to make do with the 64 GB variant, maybe.

But when one takes into account that they will use the iPhone 12 for many years to come, you might just rethink settling for the 64 GB variant of the iPhone 12. The cost then, to upgrade to 128 GB is an additional $50 and if you want the 256 GB variant, then $150 more.

When we take all these aspects and figures into consideration, if you’re looking to spend the minimum, then an iPhone 12 (64 GB) with Earpods and charger will cost you $837. If you plan to settle in the middle ground and go for wireless, then you have to shell out $1,027 for an iPhone 12 (128 GB) with Airpods (basic) and charger.

For the full and proper iPhone experience which includes the iPhone 12 (256 GB), Airpod Pro, basic charging brick, and the MagSafe puck, you are looking at an expense of $1,256. That’s flagship-level expensive for a budget iPhone, though at this point one must question whether such a thing exists anymore.

How do you feel about these hidden prices? Do let us know.


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