Here’s why Samsung is releasing Galaxy Note 8 a bit early?

A couple of days ago, we reported that the Galaxy Note 8 will be launched a bit earlier than planned — perhaps sometime in August. A new report has surfaced online today corroborating the same.

The report suggests that the Galaxy Note 8 will see the light of day in mid-August. Also, according to the report, pushing the launch to an earlier date is primarily to get a head start over Apple’s upcoming iPhone 8.

Currently, word has it that Apple won’t be able to supply the iPhone 8 to the global market on time. Apparently, the company will be able to sell only a limited amount of iPhone 8 units initially and it might take a while (November) for the company to make the smartphone available globally owing to supply problems.

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As most of you may already know, Apple is trying to integrate the fingerprint scanner right under the display. Reports suggest that it finally found a way to achieve this but is apparently facing issues with the supply which could delay the assembling process of the iPhone 8. What this essentially means is that the iPhone 8 will be available only in limited countries initially.

That’s exactly what Samsung’s wants to cash in on. The South Korean giant wants to leverage the delay to its benefit. By launching the Galaxy Note 8 sometime in August, it will be able to ship the products in September even before Apple starts shipping the iPhone 8.

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Plus, considering that the Galaxy Note 8 won’t have any supply issues like the iPhone 8, it will be available in most of the major markets across the globe which in turn will help the company to seize huge profits.

Source: The Bell

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